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Your Voice. Which way to vote in the most important vote in high school sports history.

These are all opinion pieces by people in the sports community.

BC Sports hub does not have a stance one way or the other and is not responsible for the opinions written.

We have emailed all the commissions as well as BC School sports and asked for them to give their thoughts. We will post some of the best ones. Enjoy!

Written by: contributor

This is all just my opinion but here is the way I see it, when local politicians do a good job as for example, being the mayor of a city, they get loftier goals. They think, maybe MLA, maybe if I do a good job I can be premier one of these days. They pride themselves on the work they do and make sure that everyone loves them. They take the good will they have created and level up. This is the way its supposed to be.

Do a good job… Get rewarded.

With BC School Sports they seem to have gone the opposite direction. Make sure no one thinks we are doing a good job. Not actually explain to anyone what the good job is that we might be doing, tell everyone that is everyone's fault that everything sucks then ask for more power and money and try and make a grab at it all in the middle of Covid and end all the associations that have run our high school sports for sometimes as much as 75 years.

Hope that people don’t do any research and just trust them. They are supposed to be the good guys aren’t they?

Well let me ask you, what does BC School Sports do well?

No seriously, one thing. Some might say eligibility? Just kidding, no one thinks they do a good job with eligibility. Some might say well they run the championships… not really, most associations run them, BC School sports shows up, takes the credit and hands out a banner. How many games do you think a member of BC School sports show up to a year? They don’t go to games… they don’t care about the games.

What do they actually do well. Isn't that how its supposed to be? You do something well and then you ask for more money and power? I would suggest they haven’t earned the right to throw out hundreds of volunteers onto the street who have been running these associations for decades. They haven’t earned the right to add layers and layers of staff to the payroll so that they can then go back and ask the board for a raise because they are now over seeing all these people.

This is a typical power/money grab. Its obvious. Don’t be fooled by these people trying to strip away the very associations that helped build and create these sports.

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