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Why BC Sports Hub?


Why do you coach? Why do you work so late? Why create a non profit basketball academy when people are willing to pay?

People often ask me why I do things, silly things that do not make much sense. I’m sure this website will be one of those things that people ask, why? It seems like a lot of work and expense to put it all together. Very true. So why? The reason is because I thought it would be fun.


I believe that youth sports deserves more attention in BC. I also believe that high school sports dramatically deserves more attention. If it weren’t for Howard Tsumura, no one would know any of the cool things that happen in high school sport. We, at BC Sports Hub, want to add to that. To create a platform for people to share their point of views, tell interesting stories, share information about great achievements of local athletes.

We think this will work for all sports that young athletes play and we are going to work towards that. However, we are going to start with what we know and do best, basketball. Once we have proven the model, we will add more and allow the content to grow. 

Do you want to know things like…

Where do I find out what Senior Girls tournaments are available for my team?

Which CIS teams are playing this weekend?

What camps are running this spring for my kid to get better at basketball?

When are tryouts for club teams?

Who is going to school next year at the university level and where are they going?

I wonder who is playing in the NCAA from BC and I’m curious if they are getting any minutes.

I’d love to know what that coach thinks about a bunch of things, do they ever do interviews?

We will have all of this for you. We call it BC Sports Hub and we want it to be a gathering place for people to receive and share information. If you think we are missing something, there are tabs everywhere for you to share that information and we will update it as soon as we can.

One of my favourite quotes is “consistency separates”. We plan on consistently bringing you great stories down the stretch of this season and interesting information for you to share with those around you every day.


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