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Who is making the rules under the new proposed BCSS Governance Model?

Let’s take Boys or Girls basketball, who makes the rules for these sports under the new rules? You would think it would be the coaches or the referees or heck, historically each sport picked their own rules. Boys have decided on a 30 and 10 shot clock, while girls have decided that 24 and 8 would be better. Each sport had its own say in the rules and did what they thought was best for them. The people who were invested in the games and the sport crafted the rules over decades.

In the new format that WILL NOT be the case. All future rules and decision for girls and Boys basketball in BC will be made by the BCSS Winter Rules Committee. There will be three committees, one for each season… So the coaches and the players don’t get to determine the rules? Really?

Every sport in BC will have their rules determined by their committee.

This committee will have very limited representation from Girls basketball as an example. Only 1 male and 1 female person per sport. So any sport will have a maximum of 2 representatives. After two years, those two people may be representatives from Boys basketball leaving girls basketball with no representation on this committee. There will also be representatives from other sports on this rules committee.. It won’t be Sport specific…

After speaking with the BCSSGBA they feel it is vital for Girls basketball that decisions about rules are decided by representatives from the girls game.

Again, committee members must be employed by a member school or school district, so community coaches and retirees are NOT WELCOME.

In Girls basketball just like in boys basketball this is a major problem as most coaches are not teachers.

This does not seem fair or reasonable. It also shows how little this proposal by BCSS has been thought through. This is the biggest decision in the history of high school sport and they haven’t thought through something as simple as who makes the rules for the games that are played.

Something to seriously consider.

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