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Totems Stand Tall to Claim First Victory over Voodoos

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

As expected, the Semiahmoo Totems came into this matchup with a purpose. The team played a very defensively strong game and led by at least 20 points at any given moment.

During the first quarter, Semi showed off their skills at both ends of the court.

But the Voodoos tried to bounce back with two 3s during the beginning of the second quarter. However, it didn’t seem to matter as the Totems continued to play with pressure in order to stay on top.

Just as Coach Lefurgy of Semi said prior to the game, these boys showed extreme leadership and accountability on the court.

Semi led 62-36 at the half.

Much of the second half followed suit to the first. The Semiahmoo Totems passed the ball particularly well and dominated in the paint, with star guard Vlad Mihaila lighting the scoreboard on fire for most of the game.

Adam Paige raised up for a beautiful slam-dunk late in the fourth, proving that his team’s abilities in the paint completely outshined that of their opponent.

Though the scoreboard depicted a blowout, Rutland did not quit, even in the final minutes of play. They continued to push for a win as if they were only down by a few points.

In the end, the Totems stood tall and claimed their first victory of the tournament over the Voodoos, with a final score of 95-74.

Semi’s Mihaila claimed POG honours with a total of 30 points, 14 of them being rebounds.

Coach Lefurgy says these boys came to win, and they proved that in their first game of Provincials.

“We are going to play very hard and try to pressure teams.”

Written by: Crystal Scuor

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