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Top Players 2019 - Girls

Alright, folks. We really enjoyed this last season of high school basketball because aside from physical act of playing basketball, we got to know a lot of the teams and players better than ever before.

And while we wish we could name every beautiful gal baller on these lists, we settled on the ones who made our jaws drop on the court.

Last year, we surveyed the fans, players, and coaches on the Top Players for the boys and this year, we’re doing it all over again—except for the girls!

We’ve added a few fun categories (like the Swiss Army Knife: the most versatile athlete on the team who basically does it all) and compiled lists of girls who we feel were the Queens of the Crop; the poised playmakers, the sniper shooters, and everything in between. Some categories we'll choose the Top 5, others will be the Top 10 (for Teams and Futures).

Side note: these are just our highly debated choices. Feel free to choose 'OTHER' under any given category--just be prepared to back up your choice.

So, let’s give the girls some love this year. Get your votes in because we literally have just days before the survey closes on March 29, 2019.



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