Top 5 Fan Bases of BC High School Basketball

Updated: May 22, 2018

They come in large crowds with plastic vuvuzelas, giant Culligan water bottles, wooden spoons, and a whole lot of face paint. They’re fierce. They scream in your ears. And they may even sweat it all out in a giant mascot costume for the entire game.

They are the fans and they show as much devotion to their team as a soccer club fan base straight outta Manchester.

We reminisced about the adoring fans from this past season and compiled a list that would surely collapse a building if they were all in a gym together at the same time.

Here’s to looking at you, fans.

# 5 – Tamanawis Wildcats

We’ll cut to the chase. The Wildcats made this list thanks to one epic night at the Fraser Valley finals against the next fan base on this list.

Some may say they were the most annoying fans from this past season (somehow beating out the Mouat girls…just kidding); however, these dudes showed more passion than Michael Jordan on the court. For real.

They came with drums and a lot of heart to cheer on Miguel Tomley and the Wildcats. And thankfully, their crazy chants and loud hollers paid off: Tami ended up taking home the tourney gold with a final score of 87-85.

Can we credit the crazed fans for their efforts against the Hawks’ fangirls? Maybe. Or maybe Tomley went off with 44 points plus, as per usual.

You make the call.

# 4 – W.J. Mouat Hawks

“Mo-what? MOUAT!”

Okay, this chant absolutely got stuck in our heads. And the group of insanely loud girls—most of which play for the senior girl’s Hawks—left us wondering if we’d ever be able to hear again.

The moral of this story? These fans had pipes.

And to be honest, they seemed to intimidate their rival fans wherever they went. The fans may not have been as hardcore during Provincials, but remember the Fraser Valley finals against Tamanawis? Those gnarly Hawks’ fans lit the roof on fire and had the whole gym pulsing with excitement.

You would have thought it was the NBA finals.

# 3 – Walnut Grove Gators


Need we say more?

Alright, the Gator fans consistently held down the bleachers throughout the season, but it was the Provincials that put these reptiles on our list. Grove’s fans showed up decked in all green everything, including a badass alligator mascot, too.

Since both the girl and boy’s Walnut Grove teams clinched a spot in the tournament, fans flocked to the Langley Events Centre for the entire two weeks. And if you were at any of the games—especially the girl’s 3A final—that “Gator Nation” chant definitely escaped your mouth a time or two.

It’s easy to cheer for both squads with star players like the Wisotzki sisters on the girl’s side and the 2018 All-Star Dunk Contest winner James Woods.

Side note: have you seen that guy dunk?! Check it:

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have home-court advantage, as well. We will for sure being seeing these Gators later (aka next season).

# 2 – G.W. Graham Grizzlies

They were the little team that could. And honestly, the fans of G.W. Graham inspired us all to cheer for the roaring Grizzlies.

Scratch the word dedication from your vocab and replace it with G.W. Graham fans.

Each and every game during Provincials, the fans poured in with any utensil and pot they could salvage from their mama’s cupboards to cr