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The West Coast Triumphs in the U15 Final

In a championship game that featured a team from each coast, it was the west that came out on top. The VK U15 team, from British Columbia, won the national title, 57-49, over NXT Level Basketball from New Brunswick.

VK had the game at half, 31-18, but NXT Level came back with a vengeance, closing the gap early on in the second half. The team from Moncton used quick passes, swinging the ball to find open three point opportunities, and sunk them on several possessions.

VK battled back, drawing the NXT Level defense into the key, before kicking the ball out, creating open looks. From then on, it was a back and forth game, between both teams

NXT level was a disciplined team on defense. They had quick feet and didn’t give up fouls easily. With both teams having rosters full of athletic and highly skilled players. The game was fast-paced, and a good example of the talent at the national tournament.

Ultimately, VK was able to hold their lead until the end of the game. VK number four, Marin Lenz was awarded tournament MVP for her age group, “Its pretty special because of how hard my team worked to get us here,” she said of recognition.

“It’s a really special win because we’ve worked hard in practice and put in a lot of effort,” she said of her team’s preparation, “we played really well, the team came together, and it paid off.”

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