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The Hub's Top 5: Scorers

These are the guys who answer when you call 1800-NEED-BUCKETS. They pick up the phone, take the challenge of putting up points for their teams, and not only do with style but consistently as well. Here are the top 5 scorers in the province as voted on by the BC Sports Hub staff.

#5 — Brendan Sullivan, Brentwood College

Brendan Sullivan was the go-to scorer on a truly dominant Brentwood College team. Not only could he drive to the hoop with ease, but he could pull up from distance and deliver a dagger three for his team. We would have to politely disagree with the one person who said that “he does not look like the one who would even crack a point for his team.”

#4 — Jack Cruz-Dumont, Vancouver College Fighting Irish

The future UBC Thunderbird was dominant all throughout the season for Vancouver College. His poise under pressure and his ability to score when his team needed him the most were out of this world, and had arguably the best mid-range game in the province. Plus, he has “too much clout.” Good enough reasons for us.

#3 — Bradley Braich, Yale Lions

Bradley Braich induced some strong emotions from people. “Every other player on the list is so overrated what a joke that this is even a vote” said on respondent. Well, we don’t think it is that much of a joke but we do agree that Braich is a very good scorer. Not only does he have the moves to get open, but he can seemingly score from anywhere on the floor. A truly dominant scorer and an inspiration to all the way he has opened up about his mental health issues.

#2 — James Woods, Walnut Grove Gators

One respondent said about Woods that he “is the reason I watch basketball.” If that’s true, then he (or she, it’s 2018) picked a good player to start following. James Woods was equally good at the iso game and draining back-breaking threes from distance. He was tasked all year to lead Walnut Grove offensively, and did that with consistency and style. Plus, he’s got bunnies that would make anyone in the province jealous.

#1 — Miguel Tomley, Tamanawis Wildcats

Was there ever a doubt as to who would be number one? Miguel Tomley was a “walking bucket” according to many fans who took part, and it’s hard to disagree. He set the record for most points in a provincial tournament this past March, including a 66 point game in his final game at the high school level in BC. His range was unlimited, as he hit too many deep threes to count throughout the season. Not only that, but he could finish in close with either hand and with a seemingly unlimited bag of tricks. What came up a lot from the fans was his historic senior season and his place within BC basketball lore, and Tomley will likely go down as one of the best scorers ever to grace BC hoops.

Fans Choice: Miguel Tomley, Tamanawis Wildcats

This was the most unanimous vote so far, as Tomley got over fifty percent of the fans vote. Clearly his dominant and historic season has left a mark on fans throughout the province. Of the players listed, James Woods got the second most votes with 9.8% of respondents voting for the Gators star.

Next up is the top future players.

Written by: Nick Bondi

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