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The Hub's Top 5: Gritty Players

Every team needs gritty players to help them win. These nose to the grindstone type players pump up their teammates and fans, and these grit grinders hate to lose and lay it all on the court every single time. Here are the top five grittiest players as voted on by the BC Sports Hub staff.

#5 — Michael Risi, Holy Cross Crusaders

Every team needs a player full of heart and determination like Michael Risi on their team. His ability and willingness to make the tough play really impressed us, as well as the unselfish plays he made throughout the season. He’s the type of player who will dive on every loose ball, while one fan simply said he was “my guy.”

#4 — Sufi Ahmed, Byrne Creek Bulldogs

One of the smallest players usually on the court, Sufi Ahmed personifies heart over height. Ahmed was always able to make the smart play for Byrne Creek, and showed great determination throughout the season. A true gritty player if we’ve ever seen one as well and having a “nice hair cut” according to one respondent definitely helps as well.

#3 — Jeevan Sidhu, Tamanawis Wildcats

Jeevan Sidhu was a real glue guy. A first one in, last one out type of teammate for Tamanawis this season. He takes more charges than an iPhone, and at least one person gave him credit for getting a “few rebounds against North Peace.” Big time grit master for next season.

#2 — Alasdair Coyle, Walnut Grove Gators

Alasdair Coyle showed more grit than sandpaper last season. He put in a lunch pail, hard working effort in the games all throughout the season, and his scrappy attitude endeared himself to voters. He was referred to as the “GOAT” and “legend” on the defensive end and he took a gator-sized bite out of opposing players throughout the season.

#1 — Bruno Chan, Brentwood College

By far and away the leader in grittiness this season. Bruno Chan showed everyone during his teams run at provincials why he was a “gritty boi” and a grinder in every sense of the word. The Queens commit left it all on the court and is (presumably) his teammates “brother from another mother”. The never stop grinding attitude is why he was our choice for grittiest player.

Fans choice: Bruno Chan, Brentwood College

The fan voting was pretty close. Bruno Chan was the clear favorite but after that they had a different view on the grittiest players. Jeevan Sidhu was voted second out of our list, while Risi and Coyle split third. The field got the second most votes.

Look out on Monday when we will be releasing our Top 5 shooters.

Written by: Nick Bondi

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