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The Hub's Top 5: Defenders

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Alright, so we broke it down and the dudes on this list have major clamps. Though we ranked them in the following order, y’all completely switched it up on us!

For real though, we could have made a Top 15 (if not more) defenders because this past season was basically a Super Smash Bros. roster.

What I mean by that is you could literally pick a plethora of defenders and each one seems to have their own special power in the paint.

Don’t believe me? Just read the facts on The Hub’s Top 5 Defenders:

# 5 – Mohab Mundadi


Easy, fangirl. Describing someone as cute doesn’t justify why this guy made our list. This “cute” defender defines athleticism and instinct. It’s as if he knows who the ball is going to before it even touches their hands.

Mundadi helped his team, the King George Dragons, go all the way to the boy’s 2A Provincial finals where they unfortunately lost out to the Brentwood College.

Aside from that minor detail, # 13 on the court was a force to be reckoned with. He’s an aggressive lockdown defender that came at his opponents like the dragon on his jersey.

“He’s literally Kawhi Leonard without the drama.”

True dat.

# 4 – Majok Deng

Naturally, Byrne Creek’s star defender Majok Deng was an obvious choice for us. Described as the “backbone” of his team, Deng was a lethal weapon this past season.

The Bulldogs battled it out all the way to the Provincial finals, but lost to South Kam. Each game along the way, our fourth pick defender terrorized his opponents.

With his size, skill, and sheer relentlessness, Deng should be called the SWAT. Why? This guy swats. Not to mention, he did win Defensive Player of the tournament, too.

Fans said, “That’s my dog.”

And my personal fave:

“So lanky.” More like so tanky!

# 3 – Valdi Alarie-Hill

We have so much love for the Oak Bay Bays, it’s nearly a full blown relationship. But it’s easy to see why we admire these boys – especially with a top-notch guard like Valdi.

This guy clamps.

Throughout the season, the Bays won multiple tournaments and came into Provincials as the number one seed. Sadly, the team was beat by this year’s champions, the Burnaby South Rebels.

Alarie-Hill locked it down, though. Ain’t nobody gettin’ past him!

The fans agreed:

“He’s like a brick wall in the defense.”

And the best fan response:

“Cookies.” This dude is a monster, so I can see why cookies come to mind.

# 2 – Sasha Vujisic

The finger says NO!

Sasha is an absolute beast on the court and that celebratory finger wag had us all SHOOK. I’m calling it right now; the come-ups will all have their own celebration next season. Just you wait and see.

Back to biz. Vujisic held it down for his fellow Rebels all throughout Provincials. And fancy that, the team took home the shiny gold banner thanks to his killer defense skills on the court.

We saw “the finger” countless times.

“No, no, nooo!” said one fan.

“Best shot blocker and only in Grade 10.”

The verdict: expect big tings from Vujisic in his next two seasons.

# 1 – Uyi Ologhola

You know we had to have Uyi as our top dawg in the defender’s list. And he also took the fan’s choice, as well.

Ologhola can lock up pretty much anyone. He has MAJOR clamps and he’s only in Grade 10. Say what?! Age is just a number and Uyi is living proof.

Aside from his brute, the kids got mad heart. Assistant Coach Matt LeChasseur says the whole team plays with true passion and love for the game, and also love for each other.

Whatever Holy Cross is putting in their water, it’s working. Dude’s like Anthony Davis with Jordan’s magic kicks.

Here’s what ya’ll had to say about THE best defender in BC high school basketball:


And the most accurate response…

“It’s Uyi, need I say more?”

Nope, we feel ya, bro.

Like I said earlier, you the fans had these guards in a completely different order (aside from Uyi, who just barely took the cake over Valdi). So, as always, here is a lovely Pie Chart for your reference: