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The Hub’s Top 5: Best Jerseys

Damn, where’d you get that swag? Oh you know, just my high school basketball team’s jersey. No big deal.

Well, yeah, it actually is a big deal. These days, some sick threads can leave a lasting impression on your opponents and fans to the point where people are talking about it for weeks; and maybe even consider redesigning their team’s jersey.

We chose our Top 5 Jerseys in the BC high school basketball scene and asked you to choose your favourites, as well.

So without further adieu, here are the sickest jerseys from this past season.

# 5 – Mark Isfeld Ice

The fit. The light blue and blue combo. The ice, literally.

These are a few reasons why the Mark Isfeld Ice made this list and fans agree.

“They’re sick,” said one adoring fan. And sick is exactly the reaction we wanted out of you, so of course that’s going to justify our choice. Duh.

Seriously, that fit though. Feels like you’re wearing nothing at all…nothing at all…nothing at all.

Stupid sexy, Isfeld.

# 4 – Britannia Bruins

Honestly, we dig these jerseys…around Christmas time. The rosy red mixed with a green pinstripe makes us think about the holiday season. Which isn’t always a bad thing since one fan said, “Christmas vibe kinda lit, ain’t gonna lie.”

Festive colours and all, these jerseys are poppin’.

Another fan described them as “fresh”. Conclusion? These pinnies are fresher than a farmer's market during Christmas.

# 3 – Vancouver College Fighting Irish

Alright, we’re just gonna be blunt: Purple is the bomb.

These jerseys are crazy bold and somehow, the Fighting Irish make them look hard AF.

One fan may be colour blind though, since their reason for picking Van College’s jerseys was because they “love the royal blue.”

Cue the LOLs.

But these jerseys rep the school’s colours extremely well, so we’re diggin’ the purple and gold fo sho.

# 2 – Langley Christian Lightning

These dope jerseys came in at number two on our list due to their flashy colour scheme and slick fit.

Fans had a lot to say, too.

“It looked cool.”

“Looks expensive.”

And, “Because they look sick and I go to that school.”

There’s something about that blended green that contrasts the black to a tee, making these jerseys high on our Sick List.

# 1 – Holy Cross Crusaders

“Jus so clean.”

The Holy Cross Crusaders came through DRIPPIN’ every time they stepped on the court. Why, you ask? Just look at those fine ass jerseys.

Whether they rock their home or away colours, both sets are absolute fire. Not to mention they are custom made with player names on the back and all.

Here’s what y’all had to say about the best jerseys in the west:

“Very unique and I’m from Surrey. Represent.”

“So sick! If they hid behind clouds, you wouldn’t see them because of the camo.”

And our personal favourite:

“Looks saucy."

Mmm, it sure does.

To contrast our Top 5 picks, below is a chart of the fan/player picks. Holy Cross took the banner on both counts; however, note the difference in ranking between the others.

Stay tuned for the Hub’s Top 5 Gritty Players hitting the net tomorrow!

Written by: Crystal Scuor