The Hub’s Top 5: 3-Point Shooters

Updated: Jun 4, 2018




Those three words usually have me yelling out “That’s what she said,” but for the context of this article, the same words emulate what it means to be a dirty shooter (no pun intended).

We at The Hub did our own little survey and chose the following dudes as the Top 5 Shooters in BC high school basketball.

Check it:

# 5 – Kobe McKnight

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know much about this guy until we bantered around the office and his name came up, which might I add is a pretty sick name. As the votes poured in, it became evident as to why McKnight deserves to be on this list.

“His name is dope.”

And apparently he “beat LCS by himself,” according to one fan.

For real though, McKnight is so wet, he’s the “Kobe!” people holler out when shooting paper balls into garbage cans all over Vancity.

Kobe Bryant who?

# 4 – Tyson Brown

Brown from Downtown!!!

This kid gets buckets. But, like any survey, shots will be fired when given the chance.

One doting voter said, “He doesn’t choke on good defense like Kobe McKnight,” which I’m still confused how that comment has to do with his ability as a shooter.

Moving on…

“He’s clutch,” said another fan.

And don’t forget, Brown helped take his team to the Provincial finals. Ayyy.

# 3 – Jerric Palma

Your boy Jerric comes in at numero three on our list because to be honest, he’s so young and fresh, we’d be straight dumb to leave him out.

Palma, a Grade 11 guard for the St. George’s Saints, played like a friggin’ college pro this past season. Fans boasted about his talent and even ranked him as the second best shooter overall.

Here are our favourite fan responses for the man himself:

“It’s a free throw for the kid.”

“Deadly shooter.”

And my fave, “Greatest player since LeBron.”

Personally, I think Palma’s a lot more humble than the King himself. Don’t tell LeBron.

# 2 – Diego Maffia