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The Hub’s Top 10 Teams: # 5

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

Just like a Totem, our number five pick on this list is fully stacked with players, fans, and with a unique coach who cares about this team as if they were his own sons.

You already know who it is…

The Semiahmoo Totems are one of those highly debatable teams, since they showed us their grit and absolute dominance on the court this past season. Y’all may say they should be ranked higher, and some of us at the Hub—like your girl Cryssy—totally agree.

But, with all the facts and wins/losses over the season, the rest of the crew decided spot # 5 was a perfect fit.

Let’s just break down a few reasons why we put these dudes at the halfway point:

The team literally had two stars playing wing and forward in Vlad Mihaila and Adam Paige. Have you measured them up? 6’4 and 6’8. They ARE a walking Totem.

And given the two have been best friends since they were wee ones at Sunnyside Elementary School (Grade 1, to be exact); their chemistry in the paint is unparalleled.

“We both fell in love with basketball at a young age and have been playing together ever since,” said Mihaila on his friendship with Paige. “We’ve done camps, club teams, and provincial teams together and through all the experiences we shared on-and-off the court, we developed a really close relationship. It also helps that we’re neighbours, so we do a lot of non basketball-related things together, as well.”

Whatever those things may be, it helped the two contribute to an extremely successful year this past season. The Totems conquered at Provincials all the way to the final game, where they fell short to the Burnaby South Rebels.

Despite the outcome of that game, Semiahmoo proved to be a consistent powerhouse, especially with Coach Ed Lefurgy at the driver’s seat of the program.

“Coach Lefurgy does an awesome job involving all the ball players from Grade 8 to 12 and having them all take part in things such as games, open gyms, and trips—which creates a source of mentorship for the young kids and gives the older kids a role of responsibility,” Mihaila said of his coach. “We have a coach who is extremely dedicated and committed to doing everything in his power to bring the best out of his players. He emphasizes the importance of being a good teammate, too.”

And while we may talk a lot about being the best player/team/etc., having an inspirational coach can make or break the true definition of a great team.

The Semiahmoo Totems are living proof.

Here’s what the fans and players had to say about this year’s silver banner winner:

“They had all the pieces that a team will ever want: a big who can defend, score, stretch; and also have scorers and shooters.”

“Vet balanced team and made it to the finals.”


As for the rankings, you guys had the Totems at spot # 6.

Cheers to an epic year, Semi.

Next up on The Hub’s Top 10: the Fourth Best Team in BC Boy’s Basketball. Here’s a hint, they are BAE.

Written by: Crystal Scuor

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