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The Hub's Top 10 Teams: #4

Our number four pick features perhaps the player to watch next season heading into his senior season. They had a truly great season before being upset at the provincial tournament by the eventual champs.

Any guesses?

If you guessed Oak Bay, you're right! Or as we like to call them here at BC Sports Hub, Oak BAE.

So why did Oak Bay capture our hearts and minds this season?

They beat Semiahmoo 95-57 to win it all at a stacked Legal Beagle tournament during the season. They beat up on teams on the Island all season en route to another Island Championship.

Not only that, they finished first at the Tsumura Basketball Invitational, and were the number seat for a big chunk of the regular season. Because of all they accomplished, they were rightfully the number one ranked 4A team heading into provincials.

Unfortunately they lost in the second round to the Burnaby South Rebels, finishing in eighth place. That’s the only thing that kept them from being in the top three, maybe even in the top two of our team rankings.

Some fans who voted agreed with this. One person who voted for Oak Bay said “Best team they just choked” while another said that they were “#1 all year until the playoffs.”

And perhaps the best summary of the Bays, “Taking away prov’s, had a dominating season.”

You the fans completely disagreed with our rankings, putting Oak Bay as the number one team in the province.

Congrats on a great season Oak Bae, we look forward to seeing what you can do next season.

Next up: our number three ranked team. No hints this time.

Written by: Nick Bondi

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