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The Hub’s Top 10 Teams: # 3

Alright, so these guys measured up pretty damn well if you look at the whole scheme of things. Despite tiers and all that jazz, we picked the boys of Brentwood College as our third place team this past season.

Y’all had them come thru at spot # 2! And, might I add, they were just shy of the number one spot voted in by the fans.

So, we may be sleeping on Brentwood a tad in the rankings, but let’s look at all the reasons why this stacked team of 12s and 11s made it so high on The Hub’s countdown.

College beat the Burnaby South Rebels by 20 points this past season. They also beat Oak Bay, Belmont, Semi, and plenty of other quad A teams.

Just a friendly reminder: Brentwood is 2A. Tier does not matter clearly, cuz these dudes were nuts.

Did I mention they demolished the King George Dragons to claim the 2018 banner? Some fans go as far to say that they would have won 4A “no doubt”, too.

“Best team in BC easily.”

“Very deep and good squad.”

“They would eat everyone.”

That's a sack lunch, num num num num! (Here I go again with my lame movie references, but bonus points to anyone who can name it).

Well, considering a lot of you think they are stacked thanks to recruiting, or whatever it may be, the team does eat up its competition—regardless of tier.


Okay, okay. We kinda agree with the consensus. The team plays extremely well together. And who knows, if given the chance, they probably could munch the 4A teams at provincials, as well.

Imagine a world where every team could compete against each other, despite tier. That would make our lives here at The Hub much easier…

Like I said, the fans had Brentwood College as the second best team this past year—with a whopping 22.7% on the pie charts.

Stay tuned for our real # 2 pick on the The Hub’s Top 10 teams coming at ya next! Hint: they’re rebels just for kicks (or hoops, in our case).

Written by: Crystal Scuor

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