The Hub's Top 10: Future Prospects

In case you didn’t know, we here at The Hub have ESP. We can literally predict the future. Well, not really. But we have a pretty, pretty good knack for analyzing high school basketball players and seeing pure talent for what they're worth.

While we wave goodbye to the beauty seniors from this past season (Tomley, Woods, Sarai, Sehic, Mihaila, and the list goes on and on…), we have our sights on the champs of tomorrow, aka the 2018/2019 season.

It’s undeniably hard to pick just 10 dudes for this list; however, these names have come up in convo more than a few times. We’ve debated in the office. We’ve hummed and hawed. And alas, we chose our Top 10 Futures—the boys who will make our jaws drop and our hearts stop.

Just kidding on the latter.

Check it:

# 10 – Sasha Vujisic – Burnaby South Rebels

Vujisic helped take his team to the Provincial finals this past season. His defense is on point. He’s a natural on the court and considering the Rebels will lose some of their top guys next season, we predict that Vujisic will step into a more dominant leadership role.

The fans say he’ll be “unstoppable down-low next year” and that as soon as he grows into his body, he’ll be a powerful force. And we agree.

Oh, and don't forget that iconic finger wag.

# 9 – Callum Chow-White – Vancouver College Fighting Irish

Without VC’s star Jack Cruz-Dumont next year, we predict Chow-White to continue his basketball glow up. This kid’s got some crazy range and fights relentlessly for the ball every moment he’s on the court.

Dude was only in Grade 10 this past year and claimed 1st Team All-Star at the Lower Mainlands.

Best fan’s reasoning:


# 8 – Jarrett Jacobs – Walnut Grove Gators

Who are the Gators without James Woods? They’re actually a great team, but it’s always hard to see one of the best walk off the court.

Enter Jarrett Jacobs.

His mentality is second to none. His long-range shots are insane. And he’s had the chance to play in the big games at a young age.

Pair that with his hard work and dedication, and Jacobs will definitely be a leader for Grove next season.

“Pure bucket.”

“He has so much more to prove. He’s an unreal player and has a massive future ahead of him.”

# 7 – Jacob Mand – Terry Fox Ravens

Jacob Mand has a hell of a lot of talent it’s straight ridiculous. This kid is a total baller. He may even be the glue of the Ravens next season (calling it here first). Not saying the rest of the youngins aren't good, Mand just does not quit.

Some fans say he’s got a bright future; we say he already is bright and will only continue to shine.

Not only that, “he’s a stud.”

One fan says he’s the “most committed guy, always putting in work even through injury he puts in the most work.”

Moral of Mand’s story? “This dude is going places.”

# 6 – Victor Radocaj – R.A. McMath Wildcats

Not many high school ballers can say that they’ve played for Team Canada, but Victor can cross that off his to-do list.

The Wildcats have found a diamond in the rough—at 6’7, it’s no surprise why he made our Top 10.

Fans say he can literally do it all and we’re certain that momentum will continue next season.

He’s a “total baller with great length and athleticism.”

# 5 – Uyi Ologhola – Holy Cross Crusaders

I’m still completely shocked this guy was only in Grade 10. Uyi could pass as a friggin’ NBA rookie, I swear.

He’s got grit and undeniable skills on both ends of the court. Pair that with the fact he will be completely stepping up to a leadership role, and it’s easy to see why Ologhola comes in at number five.

The Crusaders may be losing some key players, but it’s just the beginning for this star guard. And the fans agree:

“He’s already a first team all-star when he is in Grade 10.”


And the best fan response…”YEET!”

# 4 – Bithow Wan – Byrne Creek Bulldogs

Have you had a chance to watch our Beyond the Mixtape featuring Bithow? Check that out ASAP Rocky. This guy plays a mean game, yet is so damn humble. It’s inspiring af.

Wan taught us that he is so much more than just a dude on the court. He says he’d rather be “the best person he can be, not even in basketball, but in life.”

The fans had some pretty great responses to why they chose him, aside from his sheer talent.

“Skinnier than a stick.”

“So smooth.”

And you can’t forget the sick headband, too.

# 3 – Jerric Palma – St. George’s Saints