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The Big Ticket: Senior & Junior Girls Day 1

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If you missed any of the action from The Big Ticket tournament on Day 1, we’ve got you! Check out our short (but very sweet) recaps from the Junior and Senior Girl’s draw:

Junior Girls

Game 1 - Argyle Pipers vs. Panorama Ridge Thunder

In the first game of the day at hosting school Panorama Ridge, the mini Pipers defeated the Thunder with a final score of 32-23.

Game 2 - Lord Tweedsmuir Panthers vs. McMath Wildcats

The second game was a battle of the big cats! Lord Tweedsmuir claimed their first win of the tournament by taking down McMath 31-28.

Game 3 - Riverside Rapids vs. Seycove Seyhawks

Riverside brought the tsunami in their first game of the tournament! With a whole lot of drive on offence, the team drowned out the Seyhawks with a final score of 60-29.

Game 4 - Earl Marriott Mariners vs. Fleetwood Park Dragons

In the final game of the day at Panorama Ridge, the Fleetwood Park Dragons lit up the court, beating Earl Marriott Mariners 39-29.

Location: Panorama Ridge

Game 1 - Walnut Grove Gators vs. Yale Lions

Hosting school Walnut Grove tipped off with their first game of the event as the Junior Gators took on the Yale Lions. With a bit more ROAR than their opponent, Yale defeated Grove 62-36.

Game 2 - Abbotsford Panthers vs. Brookswood Bobcats

The game started off somewhat close, but Brookswood brought the hype for the majority of the game, with the Bobcats chewing up the Panthers. Final score: 66-31.

Game 3 - MEI Eagles vs. Seaquam Seahawks

In the third game of the day at Walnut Grove, the Eagles soared just a bit higher than the Seahawks with a final score of 51-15.

Game 4 - Terry Fox Ravens vs. St. John Brebeuf Bears

The Ravens came out with a hammer in the final game of the day in Langley. Terry Fox showed us their strength on both offense and defense, with nearly every player finding the basket. Despite a tough battle by the Bears, the Ravens claimed their first W, smashing their opponent 93-10.

Location: Walnut Grove Secondary School

Senior Girls

Game 1 - Abbotsford Panthers vs. McMath Wildcats

Kicking off the first game of the day at Abby Senior, the hosting Panthers had a day! With a final score of 82-61, Abbotsford took care of business against McMath.

Game 2 - Panorama Ridge Thunder vs. St. John Brebeuf Bears

The second game at Abby Senior proved to be a close one. With both the Thunder and Bears sinking buckets, it came down to the second half to determine the winner. Panorama Ridge defeated SJB 87-73.

Game 3 - GW Graham Grizzlies vs. Earl Marriott Mariners

Grizzlies came out growlin' this afternoon in Game 3! Taking their first win of the tournament over the Earl Marriott Mariners, GW Graham scored 61 points, while EMM had 44 points.

Game 4 - Collingwood Cavaliers vs. Yale Lions

Yale proved their worth in high school basketball in the final game of the day at Abby Senior. The Lions put up a huge 97 points to the Cavaliers 47--making their dominant 50-point lead untouchable for Collingwood.

Location: Abby Senior Secondary

Game 1 - Handsworth Royals vs. Riverside Rapids

Hosting school Riverside Secondary welcomed the Handsworth Royals on Day 1, but also kicked a little bit of butt, too! The Rapids drowned out their competition 75-31 with Player of the Game Jessica Parker scoring a whopping 36 points for her team.

Game 2 - Burnaby South Rebels vs. Whistler Storm

In a tightly contested second game of the day, the Burnaby South Rebels fell short of the win by just 14 points. The Storm snagged their first W of the tourney and named Pietra Kamstra their POG.

Game 3 - Argyle Pipers vs. Seycove Seyhawks

Both these teams came out with purpose, but it was the Seycover Seyhawks who wanted the W just a tad more than the Argyle Pipers. With outstanding defensive play, Seycove limited Argyle’s shots while easily sinking their own. The final score: 70-35. Jin Bowening was named POG.

Game 4 - McNair Marlins vs. Walnut Grove Gators

In the final game of the evening, the McNair Marlins were set to play the Walnut Grove Gators. Some say that the Gators are THE team to beat this year, so it was no surprise to see them come out extremely strong on opening day. With a dominant presence on both sides of the court, Walnut Grove picked up a huge win with a final score of 107-8. POG honours were given to Tavia Rowell who scored an outstanding 29 points.

Location: Riverside Secondary School

**Don't forget to purchase your tickets to the Semis and Finals at**

Written by: Crystal Scuor

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