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The 10 best jerseys from The Big Ticket 2019

Through five days of action at The Big Ticket 2019, we've seen lots of great basketball from all the player and teams and we'll have all our winners by tonight - but who's winning the fashion game with the freshest uniforms? Let's find out

10. The Brookswood Bobcats

These jerseys feel like a throwback, with the combination of the font and the deep blue colour. Plus, the enormous numbers are an eye catcher on this jersey which does a nice job of keeping it simple with a pretty classic colour pallete.

9. The Mulgrave Titans

Compared to the Bobcats, the Titans have a colourway that leans on a classic aesthetic but with more vibrancy. The patterns down the side of the shorts and jersey are cool, but it's the lettering that catches the eye and makes the jersey hit home.

8. The North Byrne Bobcats

Simplicity is key with this one but it does the trick. The blue lettering on the white looks incredibly clean and the huge contrast in size between team name and jersey number gives it an old school vibe. The cherry on top is the simple, yet eye-pleasing Bulldog logo on the jersey, but especially the shorts.

7. The North Surrey Spartans

Anytime you have a jersey that pays homage to a great uniform like that of the Chicago Bulls, you're going to see it on a list like this. The white and red is a classic combo and the diamond on the bottom of the shorts as a logo placeholder is criminally underused.

The host school of the elimination round of play in The Big Ticket, the Abbotsford Panthers have options. But these red ones take the cake; what really does it is the white outline on the black lettering to really make it these jerseys pop.

5. The Earl Marriot Mariners

One of my favourite parts about these jerseys is the white lettering-black outline combo on the white jersey. It stands out from many of the other jerseys and is just an overall nice jersey too look at.

4. The Heritage Woods Kodiaks

We're at the stage of this ranking where the lettering gets really important. You can see how the great design of the word Kodiak elevates what could've otherwise been a bland jersey. Instead with the black and white combo, it's a classic jersey with a modern Midas touch.

3. The Guildford Park Sabres

This uniform is all about the shorts. Yes, the jersey is simple and effective, but it all comes alive in the lower half where an ombre-like effect is going on at the bottom of the shorts, but let me direct your attention to the sides, where the ombre effect is taken to another level with the arrows going up, sheesh!

2. The Walnut Grove Gators

Some jerseys are just made nice, there's no other way to put it. But I'll do my best to describe thee beauties: the colour is a bold choice but it works, the angular text of the teams name pushes the number to side which adds balance, but the font - the cursive font is the cream of the crop and puts this one over the top.

1. The St. Patrick's Celtics

Like the Gators, the Celtics also have cursive lettering on their jerseys. But, unlike the Gators jerseys, the cursive lettering is just the beginning. The numbers are beautiful on both the jersey and the short shorts, plus the 3-leaf clover on the shorts is a nice element. But the ultra-creative DNA-like pattern detailing up and down the side is what makes this jersey the best.

That was our list at BC Sports Hub, what do you think were the best jerseys at The Big Ticket?

Written by: Mohak Sood

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