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Tamanawis Wildcats tear up the court in near blowout against North Peace Oscars

In the first three minutes of play, the Tamanawis Wildcats and North Peace Oscars both ran the ball well in transition, but were unable to find the basket on either side.

It almost seemed as though the Wildcats were hiding in the bushes, scoping out their prey, and waiting to pounce. Miguel Tomley eventually found his place on the foul line and was good for 2, finally putting some points up on the scoreboard after nearly four minutes of nothing.

Oscar’s Earl Concepcion splashed a nice 3 to keep the game within three points, but the Wildcats scratched back to begin their steady incline.

Heading into the second quarter, the Wildcats led 20-5.

North Peace brought the score to within just 10 points in the first two minutes of the next quarter, giving fans a glimpse of hope that they could possibly keep up to Tamanawis.

If you know Wildcats, you know they can kick it up a notch real quick. And that’s exactly what they did to the Oscars before the end of the first half. Tamanawis led 44-18 heading into the third.

The next half, the Oscars persisted through a tough deficit. Despite being down nearly 20 points on the board, they played with undeniable heart and determination.

Sadly, they just were unable to find the basket on too many instances.

With just one quarter left, the Wildcats were up 65-37.

In the final 10 minutes, Tami continued to attack screens and beat the Oscars to the hoop. They put up another 18 points in comparison to North Peace’s 11.

Though the North Peace Oscars put up a fight, the Tamanawis Wildcats terrorized the team on the court to defeat them 83-48.

Tomley hit his usual 39 points, but looked a little shaky while shooting from beyond the arc.

Player of the game, Jeevan Sidhu, had a stunning 22 rebounds with 26 total points.

He confidently says the him and this Wildcats’ team will be playing in the championship game for the banner.

“We had to prepare mentally for the long run. We just wanted to get all the nerves out in the first game, get everyone in, and have a chance to hit some buckets,” he said. “For myself, I wanted to get out there and get some shots up, get everything out because it’s going to be great playing in that final on Saturday.”

The Tamanawis Wildcats are set to play the Walnut Grove Gators in their Day 2 matchup. Be sure to check back for the game preview!

Written by: Crystal Scuor

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