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Seycove Seyhawks soar past D.P Todd Trojans

This was a high energy battle right from the tip-off, seeing both teams push the tempo early trying to find their groove. But as the game continued, the tempo seemed to favor the Seycove Seyhawks.

The 1st Quarter saw both teams pushing the ball in transition and playing with high energy defensively. The Seyhawks ended the quarter with a 17-7 lead, after a buzzer 3-pointer by #10 Christopher Ross.

The 2nd Quarter was no different; both teams continued to push the tempo, looking for easy transition baskets until the Seyhawks dropped back into a zone defense with a soft trap, to slow down the Trojans. With 3 minutes left in the 2nd quarter, the Seyhawks led 29-11, and increased their lead with some clutch shooting, heading into the locker-room with a 20 point lead, and a score of 37-17. #25 Dylon had 15 points and was 3-7 from behind the arc for the Seyhawks, while #6 Holden Black scored 7, and was 2-2 from behind the arc.

To start the 3rd quarter, both teams went back and forth. The Trojans went into the post and use their size, but the Seyhawks defense held tight. The seyhawks maintained their 57-34 lead going into the 4th.

The 4th quarter started with a few exciting blocked shots by #14 Christ Magrath of the Trojans. Although the Seyhawks still held a 20 point lead at the 7 minute mark, the Trojans stayed aggressive. The Seyhawks stretched their lead to as much as 25 points but the Trojans didn’t back down and made the game much more interesting and closer than it seemed. Although the Seyhawks had full control, the Trojans scored 32 points in the quarter. The Seyhawks dominated the O-boards, with 22 offensive rebounds and a total of 53 rebounds compared to the Trojans’ 30 total rebounds.

The final score was 72-65 for the Seycove Seyhawks.

Player of the game was #3 Douglas Musselma for the Seyhawks, who went 5 of 9 from the 3, 9 rebounds, 5 assists and finished with 23 points. #25 Dylon Matthews scored 25 points, and #10 Christopher Ross had 16. For the Trojans, 4 players were in double figures, but #06 Holden Black finished with a double of 10 rebounds and 14 points.

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