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Senior Spotlight 2021: Nadeen Wu

In our new series, senior spotlights we are excited to share with you features on VK Basketball's class of 2021 high school grads, all of whom have plans to continue their basketball careers while at post-secondary this fall. These seniors had many things taken away from them and we are excited to take this opportunity to celebrate them and all of their accomplishments. We hope you will follow along as we share them with you!

Dropping 50 points while leading her junior team to an overtime win in the senior division of the 26th Street Tournament is just one of many games where Nadeen Wu has taken her team to victory with her skill and competitive edge. The cancellation of her senior season was especially devastating to the York House Tigers as they were extremely favored for the AA Provincial banner. Having transferred from Crofton to York House halfway through high school, Wu was rewarded with the Caldwell Pursuit of a Dream Award for her dedication and determination both academically and athletically.

"This was a difficult year for all grade 12 athletes, but my heart breaks for a player like Nadeen who has been so committed to her game, her teammates. Nadeen is such a joy to watch. As a coach, I feel cheated by not being able to watch her play all year. A player this special doesn't come along often. Nadeen plays with so much heart. Always willing to sacrifice for her teammates. York House has a long tradition of basketball success over the past 25 years. We have had so many talented players. Nadeen ranks among the very best", says David Prissinotti, Wu's high school coach at York House.

Wu will be attending the University of Alberta in the fall, where she will use her academic talents to pursue a degree in the Honours Physiology program, with plans to complete a medical degree in the future. Like many incoming first-year students for the 2021-22 season, Nadeen has yet to visit the campus and has only met a few of her new teammates in person. When asked why she chose UofA, Nadeen attributes her decision to the high caliber of both the school's academics and the strength of the basketball program. Like any graduating high school student, especially as Wu moves to a new province, many more responsibilities come with moving out of her parent's home. Nadeen is excited about this, saying, "I know my time at York House and with VK Basketball have prepared me to excel in a more independent life this fall at the University of Alberta."

Anthony has nothing but good things to say about Wu, "It has been a complete joy to see Nadeen grow on the court and her life as a student and person. Her dedication to getting better is a testament to her wonderful parents and the leadership skills she has honed at York House. From parents to siblings, the entire family has been a pleasure to have in the VK program. It has been so exciting to watch her and Soph (Wisotzki) be such an outstanding backcourt that will be hard to replace. I am exceptionally confident that she will do great things on, but especially off the court, and I can't wait to witness it all!"

Wu is both excited and nervous for this next step in her life and to be able to have a relatively normal university experience as restrictions begin to be ​lifted. The biggest takeaway from her high school experience is to use your time wisely. "There are only 86,400 seconds each day, and it's up to you to use each one to get better," Wu explains. Nadeen and her tenacious attitude will fit perfectly into the Panda's culture as she looks forward to starting this new chapter in her life.

Check back tomorrow for a feature on another VK class of 2021 grad!

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