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Semi ends Wildcats run to claim spot in the Final

It seemed to be Miguel Tomley against the world in this heated matchup of the Semiahmoo Totems versus the Tamanawis Wildcats.

Totems open up the scoreboard with a 10-0 run before Tomley answered back with three insane 3s, including one that looked like a complete clank. Tami proved early in the game that they’ve been practicing their trey. Nearly every single field goal in the first quarter was a 3.

This heated matchup saw both sides of the court handling the ball well, but Miguel Tomley was the glue that held the Wildcats together. He hit 5 of 8 3-pointers in the first quarter alone.

Semi pressured well and scared the Wildcats in their own zone in the final minute, allowing for them to lead 26-22 at the end of the quarter.

The Totems opened up the scoring yet again in the second quarter with a 10-0 run. It seemed as though Semiahmoo found a way to shut down Tomley by giving him absolutely nothing in first few minutes of play.

Adam Paige made an unreal steal on Tami and cut to the basket to make the dunk. The Totems were on a roll. They handled the ball well and continued to shut down Tomley for most of the quarter. He only had 9 points (compared to 17 in the first).

Tami brought the score to within just 8 points at the two-minute mark, but felt the boiling pressure brought on by their opponent. Jeevan Sidhu finally hit a much-needed field goal, however; Semi continued to dominate in the key and brought the score up yet again.

At the half, the Semiahmoo Totems led 41-33.

The Wildcats kicked off the scoring with Tomley sinking his first field goal of the quarter. But the Totems clapped back with their own two showing Tami who’s boss in this game. Shortly after, Vlad Mihaila the rock and blasted down the court to complete an easy layup.

As the fans brought the thunder in the third, Tamanawis regained some strength to lessen their deficit to only 4 points. However, this pendulum of a basketball game went back-and-forth on the board, with both teams hitting field goals on their next possessions.

Totems’ Mihaila was a burning flame that could not be put out. He continued to hit his field goals and defend his zone well.

Tami continued to drive the ball and apply pressure on both ends, coming within just 4 points with one minute remaining. With the help of top gun Miggy, the Wildcats only trailed by 5 points.

Heading into the fourth, Semiahmoo was up 60-55.

The final quarter began with a bang. Both sides of the court saw action early on with points flying onto the scoreboard. Tamanawis still trailed their opponent for much of the first few minutes, always by at least 5 points.

For the next few possessions, neither team could find the basket.

Finally, Paige broke the scoring silence with a field goal and one to put Semi up by 8 points over the Wildcats. Of course, Tomley fired back with a splash and hit a 3-pointer and another 2, to take Tami to within just 3.

With just under two minutes to go, Totems’ Vlad Miahaila fouled out and went to the bench, giving the Wildcats a shot to tie it up. Sidhu, unfortunately, was 0-2. Semi flew down the stretch to hit a crucial FG.

Time out, Tamanawis.

The Wildcats missed their chance on the next possession, giving Semi’s Paige another two points from under the basket. The Totems led by 6 with 25 seconds left on the clock. In an attempt to slow the game, Tami made an intentional foul, giving Paige another one. The Wildcats brought it back for two, but allowed for Semi’s Jordan Chen to hit both foul shots.

Both Tomley and Sidhu missed a potential 2 shots—3 points that could have tied it all up and been an absolute game changer.

Luckily for the Semiahmoo Totems, they avoided overtime and came out with a miraculous win over the Tamanawis Wildcats with a final score of 74-67.

Semiahmoo moves on to the Championship game against the Burnaby South Rebels on Saturday, March 10th at 8:15pm.

The Totems fought one of the toughest battles that we’ve seen in this tournament. They proved tonight that there truly is no ‘I’ in team.

Head coach Ed Lefurgy commented on the valiant effort made by Tomley, who put up an astounding 48 points, but emphasized that his boys are a team—not a team made up of only one player.

“We’re a team and we played like a team. It was very rewarding to go to battle and win.”

Lefurgy was thrilled with the win and credited his boys for their amazing victory.

“It’s always awesome when you see a group of young men work really hard and achieve something together…that doesn’t always happen,” he said.

Star wing Vlad Milaila won POG honours with 26 points and 9 rebounds. He had this to say after the game:

“It’s our last four games together, we knew that coming into this. So every game is really important and I just have to leave everything on the floor and do whatever my team needs. Whether that means scoring or playing defence or getting rebounds, I’m just going to do whatever it takes.”

What an incredible game and a well deserved win for the Semiahmoo Totems. For all of the gritty plays and highlights, be sure to head over to our YouTube Channel!

Written by: Crystal Scuor