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School Tournaments Should Continue

OK, so they have banned tournaments for high schools right now. Clubs are allowed but High schools are not.

The person in Charge is Jennifer Whiteside, she is the education minister. Please reach out to her and her deputy Minister Christina Zacharuk.

Share on social media, write emails, reach out.

Also need to reach out to your MLA for your area. Your parents know what this means… email them, telling them we need to play…

Some key messaging and action items:

  • Communicate clearly this is a Ministry of Education decision, and as such has taken the Ministry out of alignment with the PHO orders, which is something they committed wouldn’t be the case.

  • Share with parents, boosters, supporters there are 2 paths of action and the more action we get on these steps, the more likely this is to change more quickly:

  • Contact your local MLA, express the displeasure with the agreement and ask that it be brought forward

  • Contact the Minister’s office directly by email or phone:

  • Education Minister Jennifer Whiteside:

  • Deputy Minister Christina Zacharuk:

  • Twitter: @bcedplan and @JM_whiteside

  • Please remember to be respectful in your language and messaging.

Sign this petition also please and share.


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