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Say NO To The New Governance Proposal

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

The landscape of High School sports is at risk of serious change on May 1st, 2021. It is important that your Principals and Athletic directors hear your voice on how the vote should go. Copied below is a letter from 15 Sport Commissions who are officially opposed to this new governance proposal and have outlined their deep concerns. Read below and let us know what you think. Don't forget to let your Principals and Athletic Directors know your thoughts!


An Open Letter to the Principals and Athletic Directors of BC Schools:

March 11, 2021.

We the undersigned Commissioners of the overwhelming majority of recognized Member School Sports in BC are contacting you to urge you to VOTE AGAINST the BC School Sports (“BCSS”) new governance . proposal at the BCSS AGM on May 1st.

BCSS is proposing the most sweeping change to the governance of high school sports in the history of our province. For over 50 years through 20 recognized Sport Commissions, volunteer teachers and coaches have done the hard work to organize, host and run first class provincial championships. This new proposal would not only eliminate these Sport Commissions, it would also disenfranchise over 450 Member Schools by replacing them and the one “one school, one vote” concept with an appointed 54 member “Legislative Assembly”. This means every school in BC would lose its right to vote.

We strongly oppose the proposal because:

1. The Experience for Student Athletes Will Deteriorate

This is the most important issue. The quality of the student-athlete experience will deteriorate under this new model because: (a) the decision making related to each sport will be far less informed and (b) provincial championships may become smaller, scaled-back events with fewer student-athletes able to participate.

2. Decision Making is Separated from Knowledge of each Sport

Under the BCSS proposal, those who are closest to and most familiar with each sport will no longer be making key decisions regarding the organization and play of each sport. Instead, all decision-making authority would rest with a Legislative Assembly which does not include any representation from these sports themselves. There is simply no way that people who have never coached in or organized any of these provincial championships can provide better guidance for our student-athletes than dedicated teacher-coaches with a lifetime of experience.

3. Valuable Expertise Will Be Lost

Sports commissions consist of many volunteer individuals with a great deal of knowledge and passion for student participation in their sports. Under the BCSS proposal, these commissions would be eliminated and BCSS simply does not have the staff or experience to take their place.

To run a multi-day provincial championship involving more than one thousand participants requires the continuing engagement of volunteers who are empowered to make decisions and feel valued for their commitment. We believe that Principals and Athletic Directors understand this because you know how to recruit and retain volunteers for key positions in your schools.

We urge you to VOTE AGAINST the proposal on May 1st so that the process to develop new governance is not rushed during a global pandemic and an appropriate level of consultation can take place.

We invite BCSS to work in partnership to collectively develop a new model of governance that will create excitement about the future for student athletic participation in this province.

For more information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the following Sport Commissioners.

Walter van Halst, Boys Rugby.

Andrew Lenton, Track and Field.

Jen Farano, Girls Basketball.

Don Moslin, Soccer.

Ken Dockendorf, Boys Basketball.

Al Carmichael, Boys Volleyball.

Colin Dignum, Cross Country.

Dave Romani, Curling.

Doug Corbett, Wrestling.

Glenn Johnston, Ski and Snowboarding.

Marci McLean, Tennis.

Maria Bartucci, Soccer.

Mark Figueira, Golf.

Nicole Jean, Mountain Biking.

Terry Mitruk, Gymnastics.

Yvonne Chan, Badminton.

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