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#RoadToNationals: Vic City Swish

From Victoria — just a ferry ride away from Vancouver — the Vic City Swish will be making their inaugural appearance at Bballnationals. They will be competing in the U13 division in the girls tournament.

“The Vic-City Swish was created in 2017 by managers and coaches as an elite program that allows female U13 athletes the ability to take part in high performance tournaments and training to enhance their basketball performance” said manager Marshall Noir speaking to BC Sports Hub. “Each athlete has been selected as a top performer from their respected Victoria Night League teams, and have all been selected to represent Zone 6 Vancouver Island - Central Coast at the 2018 BC Summer Games [. . .] the girls were awarded both Silver and Bronze Medals at the 2018 BC Summer Games.”

Noir and his team are a team on the rise, and playing games at bballnationals allows them to see where they stack up — an advantage of attending Canada’s only club basketball national championship.

“The Vic-City Swish are looking forward to the high level of competition found at the bballnationals” said Noir. “This will also allow our players to see where they stack up in the U13 Canadian Basketball scene and note what is required to become the very best team in Canada.

The team is an exceptionally tight group of talented ladies, and experiencing the ups and downs that a tournament such as this brings, will ensure the players experience life lessons and memories of a lifetime.”

A big draw for the Vic City swish attending Bballnationals is being able to match yourself up against the best from across Canada, and that is what you can only get at this tournament.

“National Club Championships allow players, coaches, and teams the opportunity to test their skills against varying teams from across Canada” he explained. Teams are able to set goals at the beginning of the season to reach the Nationals, and depending on their placement, tweak their programs based on the needs of their players and coaching staff. It is also important to allow top-level players to compete against each other, gain lasting relationships with one another, and more importantly, push one another to compete at the highest level.”

The girls tournament starts August 3rd, while the boys tournament starts August 8th. All games will be broadcasted online courtesy of Ten Feet Sports & Entertainment. For more information on bballnationals, visit

Written by: Nick Bondi

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