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#RoadToNationals: Calgary Basketball Academy

One of the largest basketball clubs in Canada, Calgary Basketball Academy (CBA) will be returning to Bballnationals for their second year in a row. One of the CBA teams that will be competing is in the U17 girls division.

“The team coming down this year is on the younger side,” said Carey Blaskin, Director and coach of CBA. “Entering in the U17 division, the team is made up of all U16 teams. One unique aspect about our club is the loyalty these players have. This team is comprised of 8 players who have played with each other since the 6th grade. There is no one particular star; however, they play well together and define the definition of team.”

CBA started out with just three teams and now has grown to 26 teams overall, with an equal amount of boys teams as there are girls teams. Blaskin says the club starts at U11 and goes to U17, with two teams in each division.

“Obviously with 26 teams entering 4-6 tournaments every Spring, you can appreciate that’s over 100 tournaments we enter each year. Some of our more notable tournament Championship wins have taken place in Las Vegas, Spokane Washington in Langley at the 3D tournament as well as Seattle," Blaskin said. "It is very rewarding playing in tournaments outside of Calgary and winning. It shows we can compete in other parts of the the country as well as down in the USA.”

With Bballnationals just around the corner, Blaskin appreciates the opportunity to test their skills against Eastern Canada teams.

“I think it’s important so clubs can compare their skill level to other teams around the country. Too often we end up playing the same teams in our own province or our neighbouring provinces and you become complacent that you are better then you really are. Playing teams across the country can give you some great perspective,” he said.

Blaskin admires what Bballnationals represents for Canadian basketball and says CBA wants to support this tournament as much as they can. If you'd like to do the same and have a club team you'd like to enter, be sure to claim a spot before they fill up!

Written by: Crystal Scuor

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