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#RepYourRegion: Westshore Dawgs are ready to take another bite out of the competition

The long-running basketball club Westshore Dawgs will be returning to Bballnationals this year to compete once again.

The club has been around for so long that even the current head coach doesn’t know the origin of the team’s name.

“The dawgs name was originally used before I took the program over a dozen or so years ago and I kept it,” explains Kevin Brown.

Since Brown took charge, the program has expanded from one team to three, covering U13, U15, and U17.

Westshore is a small program, but they don’t let that fact stop them from making big moves.

“Our club pulls players from a very small area, but we still manage to compete with some of the better and bigger clubs in BC,” boasts Brown.

In fact, the small pool of players seems to work in the club’s favour.

“Our kids play together year after year, and as a result, play quite well together,” affirms Brown.

The dawgs participated in last year’s Bballnationals and they were impressed with the quality of the event.

"The experience was great, we had great games and enjoyed the venue and how efficiently the tournament was run," recalls Brown.

It's also a great bonding experience for our guys as they are on an out-of-town stay together.”

Westshore Dawgs have competed in several tournaments, but they think Bballnationals is on a completely different level.

“[It’s a] better venue, bigger feel, [and] better organized,” says Brown.

One thing is certain, the Westshore Dawgs are a team to look out for at this year’s tournament.

The deadline to register for this year’s Bballnationals has passed, but you can still keep up to date on all the latest tournament action by following BC Sports Hub on social media, or by checking on our website.

Written by: Jake Cressy

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