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#RepYourRegion: Reign Basketball make their first visit to Bballnationals

All the way from Prince George, Reign Basketball is making their debut at this year’s edition of Bballnationals.

“I surveyed the girls – ‘Do you want to do this?’ – and it was pretty much unanimous that they all wanted to take part,” said Craig Douglass, the coach of Reign’s Under-17 Girls team, their club’s only participating team.

Douglass says his club is taking a slow approach, testing the waters rather than diving straight in. But that doesn’t mean that Bballnationals haven’t been on his mind. “I almost took a team down last year,” said Douglass.

Reign Basketball's Under-17 Girls team which will be attending Bballnationals at the Langley Events Centre. Photo Courtesy of Craig Douglass.

“We want to be competitive, that’s the big thing. If we’re competitive in every game then we’re all getting better,” added Douglass.

For Reign Basketball, getting to competition isn’t easy. Their nearest tournaments are in Kamloops, about a 5 hour drive from Prince George. Even coming to Langley is no small feat – Reign Basketball’s U17 Girls team will traverse nearly 800 kilometres down south to attend Bballnationals. But for a team that travels a lot, Douglass’s slow and steady approach to his club’s involvement in Bballnationals is just a part of the process.

“Next year, we may bring more than one team.”

Bballnationals starts tomorrow at the Langley Events Centre. BC Sports Hub will have exclusive access with articles, photos and videos from the tourney.

Written by: Mohak Sood

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