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#RepYourRegion: REFRESH Basketball is bringing fresh insight to the tournament

REFRESH basketball is a fresh face on the Bballnationals scene this year and they’re coming all the way from Winnipeg to compete. The team gets its name from the media company that sponsors it.

“REFRESH is a Hip-Hop/RnB lifestyle, culture, and community minded promotional movement,” explains Michael Francisco, head coach for REFRESH basketball.

“REFRESH has chosen to sponsor my idea of providing summer basketball skill and developmental opportunities to interested youth that may have not been chosen or been selected to provincial or other summer teams.”

The team emphasizes community by bring together players from different schools, neighbourhoods, and even competing clubs.

“This summer initiative is allowing the kids to grow as individuals, by learning to play and work together with the faces they usually compete with,” enthuses Francisco.

The team may be new, but they’ve been competing nonstop since their formation earlier this year. Their competitive record includes Las Vegas Live, Minneapolis Future Stars, Jr Grand Am, as well as the Jr NBA Nationals in Toronto and the Jr CNIT here in Canada.

Being exposed to so many other teams through tournament play may give REFRESH a competitive edge in Bballnationals as their head coach seems to have a firm grasp on how teams from other regions play.

“The east is represented well in physical traits and above the rim dominance, the prairie region has a heavy emphasis on team spirit and the west looks to lock down distance shooting,” Francisco elaborates.

There’s no doubt that REFRESH is coming into Bballnationals with a competitive spirit, but the tournament is more than just another competition for them.

“We hope to expose the benefit of focused practice and teamwork as well as highlight individual areas of improvement through game experiences in a competitive atmosphere,” affirms Francisco.

“Bballnationals sounds like the right event to achieve this goal!”

There’s still time to register your team for Bballnationals. Go to the registration page on the Bballnationals website and get on it!

Written by: Jake Cressy

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