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#RepYourRegion: Newfoundland’s Rock Elite is eager for East to meet West once again

Newfoundland’s Rock Elite are once again making the long journey to the West Coast to compete in the upcoming Bballnationals.

Rock Elite prides itself on a focus on fundamentals, which can be seen even in the team name, which is based in two simple facts.

“Newfoundland is essentially a big rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and it is commonly referred to as ‘the Rock’,” explains Rock Elite coach, Jon Pye.

“We added ‘Elite' to incorporate the highest-level players being a part of our club.”

The club, which was founded in 2006, takes the “elite” part of their name seriously, as they’ve partnered with Memorial University to give their athletes access to some of the best coaches in the province.

“We provide athletes a great pathway to play at the next level if they wish to do so,” Pye confirms.

The elite method doesn’t end with the coaching either. Rock Elite also claims to play with and against some of the best players.

“Rock players compete against the other top players each day in practice, giving them a big advantage over other training groups,” acknowledges Pye.

Bballnationals is an exciting tournament for the team, as they get to test their mettle against other provinces and their unique play styles.

“The speed of the game and athleticism some of these provinces have is at a very high level,” remarks Pye.

“Ontario and Quebec in particular, play with a poise and confidence level that I believe many other provinces are lacking.”

Although they’re elite in name and practice, the team is small, and Newfoundland is often seen as an underdog on the national level.

Representing the province in Bballnationals, the team is looking to shake up that perception.

“At Rock Elite, we are trying to help break the mold and change the way other provinces view Newfoundland basketball players,” declares Pye.

Last year saw the Rock Elite’s U16 Boys team make it to the semi-finals in the U15 division. This year, they’re bringing three teams to the competition and they’re thrilled to have the opportunity.

”It gives our players great exposure and allows them to compete against many west coast clubs that otherwise, would be very difficult to play against,” Pye affirms.

Spots are still available for teams looking to compete in Bballnationals. Register online at the official Bballnationals website!

Written by: Jake Cressy

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