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#RepYourRegion: Motion Basketball coming to Bballnationals with momentum

Fresh off of a tournament win in Italy, Motion Basketball is making its next stop in Langley for Bballnationals.

Although it was the programs grade five boys team that won in Italy, the Toronto-based basketball club will be sending it’s Under-14, Under-16 and Under-18 Boys teams for the Bballnationals tournament at the Langley Events Centre.

For Chris Campbell, the founder of Motion Basketball, the first step to success at tournaments like this is building team chemistry. “Once the camaraderie is good amongst [us] and has us in the right headspace, then we go after the competition,” said Campbell, describing his expectations for his squads headed west to Langley.

Photo courtesy of Motion Basketball

“Everyone goes to win… but also we’re going to meet people,” stressed Campbell.

Fresh off a win indeed, but Motion Basketball is also fresh off of the unique experience of playing in a 58-team international tournament, where the coaches had the opportunity to interact with basketball minds from across the globe. Campbell shared a story about how during their first tournament to Italy, the team became “blood brothers” with a team from Argentina, and eventually how the Argentinian coaches taught Campbell’s team a Ginobili-esque euro-step in exchange for Campbell and his coaches working with the Argentinian boys on their step-through move.

Even though Bballnationals aren’t in Italy, Campbell and Motion Basketball are still expecting a similar experience.

“We’re going to meet other coaches, other players" he explained. "We’re going to celebrate, just being out, and being Canadian, and the tournament. And you know, see what’s out there.”

Spots are still available for Bballnationals. Visit their website to find out more about the tournament and how you could potentially register.

Written by: Mohak Sood

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