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#RepYourRegion: Junior Heat ready to make their mark at BballNationals.

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Repping the Okanagan, the Junior Heat are a mainstay at club basketball events and will be participating in Bballnationals starting July 29th. Coached by Bobby Mitchell, they’re ready to make their mark come late July.

“Junior Heat has been around for roughly nine years now,” said Mitchell on the history of his program. “We participate in tournaments all over western Canada and have gone back to Ontario. This year we are also going to Montreal. We are also a guest team in the PEBL league and have gone 3-4 this year.”

The Junior had a successful 2018 at Bballnationals, impressing all participants with their style of play and their intensity. They ended up finishing third, and Mitchell is expecting an even better tournament this year.

“Last year we had a great experience at Nationals” he explained. “It was something we talked about as a team all year and were very excited to show what we could do against different opponents.

I said this last year and it remains the same.. .everything we do all club season is to better prepare us for nationals. It is also a great time to recruit from a university coaching standpoint, and our players want to see where we sit with teams from all over Canada. It’s a must for us.”

Mitchell and the Junior Heat are also excited about the connections that can be made at a national event like this, and the importance of a club basketball tournament where all regions are involved.

“We are excited about new competition and old rivals being in the same building, and I am excited to connect with coaches and clubs across Canada” said Mitchell.

“It's important to have nationals in Canada because it promotes the game, allows many more players to have an opportunity to play in front of university or college coaches, and it grows the game. If you aren't supporting this event its hard to say you support the growth of the game, no better place for this to happen than at nationals.”

Visit the Bballnationals website and get in contact to reserve your spot!

Written by: Nick Bondi

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