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#RepYourRegion: F.O.R.M Basketball Academy will be a formidable opponent at Bballnationals

Started two years ago, F.O.R.M Basketball Academy will be raring to go at Bballnationals this year. For Paul Ekeocha, founder and president, it’s been a blast thus far running the program.

“Our experience as a program with club basketball has been wonderful” said Ekeocha. “The kids are exposed to high level competition and play. And it's through this type of competition and play that the kids get better and take what they've learned during the club season, back to their high school teams.”

The Academy’s tagline is “Become your best with us", putting an importance of overall development for young ballers. To that end, the academy focuses on high performance skills training, skills development, sports science, nutrition, mental acuity and academics with their players.

“We truly embrace [our slogan] and do our best to help our players achieve that” emphasized Ekeocha. “[. . .] Our athletes are given the tools necessary to succeed not only on the basketball court, but in life as well too; empowered to become their best with us by giving 100% at each training session or practice.”

The decision to come to Bballnationals was a “no brainer” for the club, according to Ekeocha.

“Coaches talk to one another all the time and we've heard nothing but good things about BballNationals” he explained. “The high quality teams that are in attendance from around the country is invaluable experience for the kids; coupled with forging friendships that will hopefully last for many years to come.

Ekeocha and company are looking forward to watching a few games in addition to playing some of the top competition from across Canada.

“Being a coach” said Ekeocha, “you sometimes aren't given the opportunity to be a fan of the game as you're busy with your team [as you’re] doing prep, game film, meeting with coaching staff or players. So, having the chance to just sit and watch some high level games and networking with other programs and coaches around the country will be fantastic!”

He also emphasized the importance of a tournament like Bballnationals in terms of the overall scope of the game in this country.

“The American's have these types of tournaments all the time, so why can't we do the same here in Canada? To me, it's a great way to unite programs from around Canada and for the kids (and coaches) to learn from one another” he said. “By having such a tournament, it gives university/college coaches, scouts/pro scouts, a marquee event to evaluate talent and skill. Absolutely amazing idea.”

Bballnationals starts July 28th at the Langley Events Centre. BC Sports Hub will have exclusive coverage of the entire tournament — make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so you don’t miss a thing!

Written by: Nick Bondi

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