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#RepYourRegion: Basketball Saskatchewan pumped to be representing their province at Bballnationals

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

The best of the best from Saskatchewan are heading to Bballnationals.

The Saskatchewan provincial team has committed to the national club basketball tournament, ensuring that the best of that province will be on display come tip-off at Bballnationals.

“The Basketball Saskatchewan Provincial Team Program is the premier player and coach development program in the province,” says the official Basketball Saskatchewan website. “The program attracts the top players and coaches to represent Saskatchewan at national and international events.

The teams play throughout the spring and summer months, finishing in August just in time for Bballnationals. This marks the first provincial team that has committed to the national club basketball tournament this year.

Megan Penno, Executive Director of Basketball Saskatchewan, says it was a no-brainer to register.

“Getting good competition in” she said on what the team is most looking forward to. “They want to make sure they’re all tuned up and really working and challenged before they face those other provincial teams.”

Photo courtesy of Basketball Saskatchewan

Penno also stressed why the tournament was a good fit for her team, and for other club and provincial teams across the nation.

“I think it’s a great goal for clubs across the country to be able to strive towards” said Penno on the importance of the tournament. “Having a clearly defined calendar for your season I think is really beneficial for teams across Canada.”

The team is coached by Carly Graham, a former player for both Simon Fraser University and the University of Regina. Her father, Stuart Graham, is currently the President of Basketball BC.

Spots are still available for Bballnationals, which goes from July 29th to August 5th at the Langley Events Center. Registration closes July 1st, and you can visit their website to learn more.

Written by: Nick Bondi

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