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Provincial Preview - Who's Who From Across the Country

Some of the country’s best will be at bballnationals this weekend, with some facing off against each other for the first time ever. British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Alberta are the provinces being represented across the U13, 15, and 16 age groups.

New Brunswick

MKMBA NXT Level Basketball is a team from Moncton, who is representing Eastern Canada in the U15 age group. The trip to bballnationals is a special one for the team who fundraised a lot of money to subsidize the cost of the trip.


The U17 TriCounty Thunder has travelled from Waterloo, ON, and is bringing their speed and athleticism to B.C. The team plays in the Juel League, which is the most competitive team in the province. The team dominated in their last Juel Tournament in Windsor, ON, at the end of May, and is currently sitting second in the league standings. They have a roster full of talented players, with noteworthy performances this season from Candice Wright, who’s ranked third in the league in blocks per game, and Celia McGlynn sitting in second for steals.

Big Country Athletics is a club from Cambridge, ON, representing the province in the U13 and U17 age division.

Travelling from Northern Ontario, Sudbury Jam is playing in the U15 division. Being from a more remote area, this team is used to travelling, and playing games on the road. They are also used to competing at a high level, and playing a fast game.


Swoosh is a U17 summer elite team that hailing from Edmonton. The club is focused on girl’s basketball, and brings together a group of highly motivated players. They are another team that frequently travels to the U.S. as well as hosting their own annual tournament.

The Edmonton Grads is another team who travelled from Alberta to compete. It’s a club that is focused on promoting basketball in the community, and focuses their time on the spring and summer season, meaning they’re fully prepared to compete at bballnationals. The team is playing in the U17 age group.

Calgary Basketball Academy Cobra 9’s are a highly competitive team playing in the U15 group.

British Colombia

VK Basketball has six teams playing across all age groups. They are a skilled club with athletic players who are excited to compete for a National title. They have two teams who are playing a year up, with their U14 team competing against U15 players, and their U16 team playing in the U17 age group.

Triple Threat is playing in the U17 and 15 age groups. The veteran club is female centric, focusing on girls aged 13-17. The club focuses on VanCity Diamonds is a team from North Vancouver competing in the U17 group.

BC250 is a team that made the trip from Kelowna B.C, sending teams to compete in the U13 and U15 age groups.

Fraser Valley is the team that has had to travel the least to compete this weekend. They are playing in the U13 division, and are looking to prove themselves at home.

South Vancouver Island Basketball Selects are playing in the U15 and U17.

Written by: Sarah Reid

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