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New BCSS Governance Model Turns its back on Experience and Expertise!

20 years ago, teachers coached the vast majority of teams in high school sport. All sports were run by teachers, they were coached by teachers and teachers did everything.

Over time, as spots opened up, community volunteers helped teachers when needed and slowly have been coaching more as less teachers are willing to dedicate the time on top of their full time jobs at the school. Its no ones fault but this is what has happened. In a situation that used to be 95% teachers coaching and running the sports it is now under 50% teachers.

With these new rules, all future decisions regarding BC Secondary schools will be run by exclusive committees. These committees will be run exclusively by teachers. No community coaches.

Football, no Farhan Lalji. Boys basketball, no Ken Dockendorf. (retired teachers not welcome here) Girls basketball, someone like Allison McNeill who has coached at the national level for decades would not be qualified to have an input on the game she has dedicated her life to. The list can go on and on. People in the community who have brought their experience and expertise would not be welcome or allowed to have any say in what happens in the sport they dedicate their time to. Not qualified anymore.

Retired teacher-coaches and community coaches will not permitted to serve on these decision making committees.

If BC School Sports had asked or worked with any of the commissions these things could have been worked out. They could have came to reasonable decisions on these topics. Instead, what we have here is an unrealistic approach. Just think of all the coaches at your school that you are associated with that aren’t teachers. They are now second class citizens.

There are many long time retired teacher coaches involved. Retired administrators with a wealth of knowledge that help guide decisions in all sports in BC It is vital for sports like rugby, basketball, field hockey, wrestling and more. Not taking advantage of the long time experienced people just because they are no longer teachers would be wrong and irresponsible. . They earned it with their time and their commitment.

There are also countless community coaches and volunteers that bring knowledge, skills from the business world, non-profit organizations, and more to our sports. Our commissions are able to leverage the resources these people bring to help create even better experiences and opportunities for our student athletes. These individuals too, will not be welcome to sit on BCSS decision making committees.

Our commissions value the input, expertise and dedication of many individuals who will no longer be welcome in the decision making process. Why would a governance model that relies on volunteers and needs experience and expertise not be INCLUSIVE why would retired teachers and coaches and community leaders not be welcome?

We are concerned about the loss of their voice and the time they generously volunteer for our sports.

It doesn’t seem fair, it doesn’t seem right, and it genuinely does not make any sense

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