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Marina Radocaj a budding star in BC Girls Basketball

Not many players can say they’ve played 5 years of varsity girls basketball, but Marina Radocaj is on pace to be one of them.

The talented forward for the R.A. McMath Wildcats is one of the most highly regarded players in the province already but is still trying to improve every single day.

“It’s going really great,” said Radocaj after her most recent game at the Timberwolves Classic. “It started off great, we got some big wins and I think we’re going to do well against Abby Senior coming up.”

For Radocaj, the adjustment to senior ball has been a process, but now she seems to be flourishing in the division.

“I think I’ve adjusted pretty well. I’ve gotten used to the competition with older girls and how strong they are”

The goal for Marina is clear — get a Division One scholarship, and even eventually go to the WNBA. There’s a lot of hard work involved, but she has mentors helping her out.

“When I went to the Canada camp there were some D1 players that were talking about it” she explained on what it takes to get to the next level.

“They told me what to do to work there, and now I just need to work harder than I am right now. I’m trying to do that to get to the next level.”

Marina says that her future plans are to “get stronger, work on conditioning, post moves, and shooting”. If she does that, there’s no question where her talent can take her.

You can catch Marina and the rest of the McMath Wildcats from now until Saturday at the Timberwolves Classic out at Robert Bateman.

Written by: Nick Bondi

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