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Maddy Gobeil Commits to UFV

After much deliberation for the South Kamloops Titans star forward, Maddy Gobeil has committed to the University of the Fraser Valley.

Gobeil says there were a lot of factors that came into play when choosing the right place to continue her basketball career.

Tuchscherer (left) and Gobeil (right) competing against each other at the Girl's Provincials at the Langley Events Centre in March.

“Being closer to home was one of the factors,” said Gobeil. “But also when Deanna [Tuchscherer] signed, it was a big factor as we have played club and on the provincial team together…we have good chemistry on the court. Playing together again excites me.”

Deeper ties to the team lay within the coach himself, too.

“I also know Al very well, as he coached me a few years ago, and I wanted to be able to play for him again,” said Gobeil.

Coach Al Tuchscherer isn’t new to the basketball scene. He’s been coaching the University of the Fraser Valley women’s basketball program since 2002 and is currently the longest-serving coach in the Cascades athletic department.

The Cascades have acquired a few notable additions to the team (including his daughter Deanna), which Tuchscherer says will compliment Gobeil’s style of play, as well.

“Maddy is a winner and ‘just get it done’ player. I’ve literally seen her run through (into) brick walls and tables to track down loose balls. I love how she plays. She has a high basketball IQ and is extremely skilled.”

With all the excitement of joining a new team, there is a bit of sadness in saying goodbye to her high school team, the South Kamloops Titans.

“My team at South Kam is super fun,” she said. “I’m definitely going to miss all the inside jokes we’ve made over the years.”

Gobeil says there will always be a special place for her former coach, Del Komarniski, too.

“I really enjoy playing for Coach K and I’ll definitely miss his competitive edge as well as his stupid jokes.”

As sad as it may be to watch a star athlete depart from his team, Coach K has nothing but well wishes for Gobeil.

“Maddy is driven to succeed and passionate for the things she loves. Fortunately, basketball is something she loves. She is gritty and very competitive, but fair and compassionate.”

Komarniski emphasized that Gobeil’s drive is something to be admired.

“I honestly haven’t seen a female high school athlete as driven as Maddy for her chosen sport and I’ve seen some absolutely great ones—taking nothing away from any of them. The biggest challenge I ever had with her was getting her to rest as she dealt with lingering overuse injury last season,” said Coach K. “When you are afforded athletes like Maddy, coaching is easier. Even your bad decisions end up looking like good ones.”

He left off with some crucial advice for Gobeil as she sets her sights on UFV:

“As much as she needs to stay driven and goal oriented, Maddy needs to appreciate the journey—celebrating the good times and thankful for the challenging times which offer her the opportunity to grow and become stronger.”

Congratulations, Maddy! We’ll be sure to follow your journey as a Cascade and wish you all the best with your new team.

Written by: Crystal Scuor

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