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Huge Win For Panorama Ridge In The First Round of The 2022 BIG TICKET

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

After their win against North Surrey, the Senior Girls Coach from Panorama Ridge, Coach Fremista, shared his knowledge of how coaching is going so far. He explains how this team is different to his past teams as there is a “new dynamic with a vocal and outgoing Grade 12 group combined with a quiet more timid Grade 10/11 group. Overall it's a good balance and they are committed to learning”.

Made evident on the court, the team is working hard and he shares how his hope for the season “is to be consistent and figure out winning ways, make memories and play as deep as possible in the season.” In the basketball community it is recognized how important the coaches are as they share their passion for the game with fellow athletes.

With the question upon his coaching philosophy he brought a new perception how he appreciates “attention to detail, all starts with defence, do things the right way, best ability is availability, be accountable and [how it is] better to over communicate, are [his] go to’s."

Be sure to stay up to date with Panorama Ridge’s Senior Girls team as they continue to strive to give their best efforts.

Written by Tiyasha Perera

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