Grizzly Tough: G.W. Graham’s football program brings the grit this season

Just like a ferocious Grizzly in the wild, the boys of G.W. Graham endure the elements nearly every time they step out onto the field.

We ventured out to Chilliwack on a cold, fall night. And although the sunset illuminated the sky with the slightly ominous colours of autumn, the Grizzlies seemed poised and ready for the brisk season ahead.

“We want to be competitive and we want to be in the playoffs,” said co-head coach Laurie Smith. “And you know, we’d like to see if we can get back to that same spot. It’s a very good group. The numbers are small, right? That’s a huge issue for us and that’s an issue for a lot of programs.”

Coach says the issue has affected the Junior Varsity level, too, since t