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Girls BBALL Nationals Day 4

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

9:00am Consolation games

OC vs Strathcona

Both OC and Strathcona took this consolation match seriously, as it's their last game of the tournament this year.

It was tit for tat at the start, but OC managed to steal the lead and keep it for the match.

OC won 47-30.

Jr. Vikes 49 vs VK Black 28

The Jr.Vikes were determined to prove their skills in their final match and the results were clear.

VK Black couldn't keep up with their opponent despite some spirited maneuvers on their part and the Vikes took the match 49-28.

9:45am Championship games

U13 Championship - VK Black vs CBA

The Championship match between VK Black and CBA was fought tooth and nail by both sides.

Neither team could manage a lead until the final minute of the match as both teams were scoring as often as they were getting scored on.

The tension in the crowd was palpable as each call for a foul throw was met with raucous applause from one side or the either.

The final minute saw several successful foul throws and a two-pointer from CBA that earned them the U13 Championship with a final score of 55-50.

11:15am Championship game

U15 All-Star Championship - Delta Force vs Vancouver United

Another down to the wire championship match with the U15 All-Star match-up between Delta Force and Vancouver United.

Both teams played an expert defensive game, with the final score being a difference of only one point.

Vancouver United took the match in the last minute with a successful penalty throw.

"Great game, great game. One point away," said Delta Force coach Jas Hothi.

12:45pm Championship game

U15 Championship - FYBA vs VK Black

FYBA and VK Black made it clear that they were both championship material in their match-up.

Both teams made some bold plays in a bid to take the lead, but FYBA played a steadier match overall.

FYBA coach Yassine Ghomari said the key to their victory was "staying locked in to what we do."

FYBA won the U15 Championship 66-53

2:15pm Championship game

U17 All-Star Championship - Jabogs vs VK

The game between Jabogs and VK was truly an All-Star match with both teams giving it everything they had.

Jabogs lost out in the end, but they didn't let VK take the win easily.

"We hustled, we worked hard," said Jabogs coach Desha Puri.

"That's a very talented team on the other side."

VK were crowned the U17 All-Star Champions with a final score of 69-49.

3:45pm Championship game

U17 Elite Championship - VK Black vs Saskatchewan Provincial Team

The level of skill on display in the U17 Elite Championship match was absolutely phenomenal.

The Saskatchewan Provincial team went head to head with VK Black and both teams made it clear that they take this game seriously.

"Very tough team," said VK coach Anthony Beyrouti of the Saskatchewan team.

"They're very well coached, they execute at a high level."

VK Black took the Championship in the end with a score of 70-60.

"It was a proud opportunity to watch a very tough-minded and skilled team win a championship," said Beyrouti.


Open Championship - VK Red vs Cascades

It's been a whole day of intense championship games and the VK Red and Cascades Open Championship was no exception.

It was a nail biter match with neither of the teams willing to let the other get too far ahead on the scoreboard.

Cascades made some bold plays in the final half that won them the Open Championship 84-75.

By:Jake Cressy

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