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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW With Langley Secondary Player Megan Waddle

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Although Langley Secondary lost in their first round of the Big Ticket Tournament, they played with great determination. One of their players, Megan Waddle, gave an insight to the thrill of playing in this notorious tournament. She acknowledged how “it got canceled last year and [now] it's at [her] school which is pretty convenient for [her and the team]! I don’t know about others but it's really exciting to see all the basketball happening in the school and the whole community can finally watch it with all the students as well. It’s just really exciting!”

Without a doubt, everyone was eager to watch as the crowd carried passion and supported the players with cheers that echoed in the gymnasium. Waddle also explained how she hopes “to grow as a person as well as a basketball player. [I] hope to become a better leader in my community along with my team.” Her positivity is what makes the basketball program successful as it is more than just a sport.

Remember to look out for the Langley Secondary Senior Girls Basketball team as they proceed in their respective season and work hard as a team!

Written by Tiyasha Perera

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