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Duchess Park turns it on in second half in victory over Rick Hansen

The Duchess Park Condors saved their scoring touch for when it mattered most. They scored 52 second half points to erase a seven point deficit to defeat the Rick Hansen Hurricanes 88-65.

Duchess Park came out flying to start, getting a 10-1 lead early in the first quarter. But then the Rick Hansen Hurricanes blew away the Condors, going on an incredible 24-6 run that saw Gurlal Mann and Gautam Dhaliwal hit big threes. The second quarter saw Duchess Park’s turn to come back, eventually taking a three point lead. However, a deep three from Harjot Dhaliwal and a buzzer beating three from Gurkaran Mangat got Rick Hansen back in front, lead 44-36 at half.

Duchess Park started the second half much like they started the first, scoring eight straight points to tie it up within a minute and a half. Harjot Dhaliwal would tie it at 56, before Duchess would outscore them 9-2 to take a seven point lead into the fourth quarter.

In the fourth, Rick Hansen’s scoring dried up. They failed to score for nearly five minutes, allowing Duchess Park to score 15 straight points to balloon their lead from five to 15. They eventually extended that lead to over 20 points, taking the game 88-65.

Colburn Pearce of Duchess Park led all scorer with 26 points. Gurkaran Mangat at 16 points as well as 16 rebounds in defeat. Rick Hansen scored just seven points in the fourth quarter.

Written By: Nick Bondi

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