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College Coaches love the opportunity of Bballnationals

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Bballnationals brings the best of the best in Canadian basketball together.

This not only encompasses players, but coaches as well. There’s plenty of great coaches who participate on the bench, and it’s a great opportunity for university coaches to sharpen their skills and watch the top talent in one place.

“It’s a really well run tournament” said Dani Sinclair, head coach of the UVic women’s basketball team. “From start to finish athletes, coaches, and spectators get an experience. Even outside of the basketball. It’s a high class tournament.

From a basketball standpoint, it’s a really great opportunity for these athletes to be involved in a national tournament.”

“I think a tournament like Bballnationals grows the game in Canada” said Chris Weimer, who coaches Capilano University. “Bballnationals is unique, in that it is the only tournament that I know of that draws a large representation of teams from across the country.”

From a recruiting standpoint, it’s an excellent opportunity for coaches to connect and see a great collection of talent all in one place.

There’s a select number of players that choose or are able to make provincial teams and play in national tournaments that way, but not everyone chooses that route” said Sinclair, who’s first year program — the Jr. Vikes — will be attending the tournament this year. “Or not everyone makes those teams and there’s a large pool of talent across the country that in the past maybe went unseen and unknown. It was hard for us coaches on the west coast to see players from other provinces.

It’s just another avenue to go out and see players, potential players, and develop through that tournament relationships with club coaches across Western Canada and through other parts of the country that wouldn't have otherwise happened.”

Dave Taylor, head coach of the University of Regina agrees, saying that it’s “another chance to see elite athletes some who don’t play for provincial teams, [and] also a great chance to network.”

It’s particularly helpful for coaches and perhaps programs who try to recruit nationwide. They are able to do it all in one place at the beautiful Langley Events Centre.

“We’ve had some success recruiting across Canada but that’s mostly come through having some sort of connection” explained Sinclair. “This has expanded our reach because we’ve seen more players and connecting with more coaches. It makes it a little bit easier. I used to make more trips out east to watch kids play and now I don’t have to do that anymore.”

Spots are still available in all division for Bballnationals. Make sure to visit their website to learn more! Registration closes on July 1st.

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