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Can the New BCSS Committees Run our BC Championships

Lets use and volleyball and basketball to talk about who is running these Provincial Championships. All future decisions and management of the A,AA, AAA and AAAA Zone and provincial Volleyball and Basketball Championship Tournaments will be made by BCSS Team Sport Championship Committee. This Team Sport Championship Committee will make decisions on the size and structure of our BC Championships, where championships take place, tournament berthing formulas and communication, tournament seeding and draws.

If you take Girls Volleyball for example. These committees will have a very limited representation from Girls Volleyball. – Only 1 person per sport. After two years, that representative could leave girls volleyball and be moved to boys volleyball. Leaving the girls volleyball with no representation on this committee…

Think about that. One person having full control over the draw for a championship that they know nothing about? One person determining how many teams get to play in the tournament even though they don’t coach, or help run or participate in that actual sport?

Has anyone actually thought this through?

Has BCSS Run large scale BC Championships? Will they continue to use nice facilities? For example, the Langley Event Centre for Basketball? What if they want to have geographic representations for Provincials and decide instead of AAAA boys going to LEC, maybe they go to Vanderhoof? Not that we don’t like Vanderhoof but do they actually have that ability. I would imagine that each sport values their zone and BC Championships and do not feel it is in the best interest of their sport to have these decisions made by non sport related committee member.

EACH COMMISION is VERY concerned about the quality and capability these events will have in the future!

This stuff matters, BCSS sports haven’t thought through this plan but are trying to jam it through!


This is taken directly from the BCSS Motion: Let them explain it not me.

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