Byrne Creek come back once again to beat North Delta in Semi Final

Byrne Creek may want to change their nickname to the ‘Comeback Kids’ because their last tw

o games have showed their ability to play amazing when it matter most.

For the second straight game, Byrne Creek was down at half. And for the second straight game, they came back — they even came back from a double-digit third quarter hole to take this one 76-64 to earn their place in the final tomorrow against South Kamloops.

“I think seniors help us” said Byrne Creek head coach Balraj Dhillon on what makes his team able to comeback from seemingly any hole. “We’re senior heavy, they’ve been on this floor before, they know what it is. You got to get it done and you got to find a way.”

The first quarter was low scoring and tense, with both teams seemingly unwilling to let the other team score. The