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Burnaby South secures win over Lord Tweedmuir

The 6th game of the day featured the Burnaby South Rebels versus the Lord Tweedsmuir Panthers. Both teams came into this matchup with fairly similar rankings, sitting at 8th and 9th seed, respectively.

However, the scoreboard didn’t quite reflect an even matchup.

The Rebels came into this game with a vengeance to redeem their fatal loss from the beginning of the season. Burnaby South’s head coach Mike Bell says the team focused on correcting their previous mistakes in order to give Tweedsmuir a run for their money this time around.

They kept a decent lead throughout the first half, even going on a 10-0 run. Senior forward Jusuf Sehic set precedence for this team to play up-tempo and fast-paced ball, while also controlling the paint on defence, as well.

In the third quarter, the Panthers played with drive and determination to lessen the point deficit between them and their competition. It wasn’t quite enough for Tweeds, though. They trailed 60-45 heading into the final quarter.

Someone must have lit a flame under the Panthers in the fourth. They began to move the ball with more ease around both sides of the court and even brought the score to within just 12 points.

Burnaby South nearly solidified a win when they sunk a 3 late in the quarter. With less than two minutes of play left in the match, the Rebels led 80-59.

In the end, the Burnaby South Rebels completed their redemption goals and defeated the Lord Tweedsmuir Panthers by a final score of 80-60.

Coach Bell was pleased with his boys after the game, commending their ability to step up against the Panthers and move onto the next round.

“The kids put a great team effort. We came out with a great plan, focused on trying to play team basketball and I thought that’s what we did today,” he said after the game.

Written by: Crystal Scuor

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