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BCTF says they've had no communication with BCSS over the New Governance Proposal

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

BC Sports Hub has received the following information from a BCTF member who contacted the BC Teachers Federation to get some clarification regarding their role in the new proposed BC School Sports legislative assembly structure. They just received the following communication in response:

"At this time I can confirm for you that the BCTF has not been involved or received communication from BCSS regarding their governance model proposal.

We have reached out to the BCSS with a request for further discussion, as the BCTF has a quite specific process for approval of any representation requests of this kind and that would need to be undertaken prior to any agreement of Federation participation in representation."

With thanks,

Amber Mitchell (she/her) Executive Director BC Teachers’ Federation

Based on the publicized communications and motion distributed by BC School Sports and comments that have been communicated by voting members, there is a specific belief that the BCTF and other stakeholder organizations were contacted by BCSS and that those organizations were committed to be involved in the proposed BCSS legislative assembly. Specifically identifying partner organizations in a motion to encourage and secure the support of voting members, without communicating with, gaining support, or receiving authorization from those organizations, in an attempt to suggest their support for, or participation in, a governance proposal, is deeply troubling and misleading.

Those that might suggest that an intent to contact partner organizations could or would occur if the motion passes, should be asked why that information was not shared and openly communicated to members before voting began. Instead, members were led to believe that a commitment by stakeholder organizations to participate was already in place, which could influence voters' decision making.

It leads one to question, if voting members are not receiving full disclosure regarding this, what other details may have been withheld?

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