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Boys BBALL Nationals Day 4

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

8:00am games

Northern Bounce vs Rock Elite

Northern Bounce pushed hard early on and established a firm lead against Rock Elite.

Rock Elite was unable to stop Bounce's offensive tactics consistently.

Northern Bounce took the game 72-50.

New Era vs REFRESH U14

New Era pulled ahead early on in the match and kept their momentum going for the whole game against REFRESH.

New Era won the game 75-52.

Abbotsford Basketball vs Dynamite U13

Abbotsford dominated the court in their match against Dynamite.

Dynamite struggled to get points on the board as Abbotsford pushed hard and won the match 66-17.

VSC Elite vs Huskies U14

Huskies tried and failed to contain VSC during their match.

VSC came out ahead with a massive lead and won the match 97-27.

9:00am games

Shooting Stars U16 Purple vs Rock Elite

It was a high scoring match fo both teams, but Shooting Stars scored higher in the end.

Both teams made some great offensive plays but Shooting Stars had better execution that resulted in their win with a score of 82-65

Shooting Stars U14 vs Falcons

Shooting Stars struck out hard and fast and gained an early lead, leaving the Falcons to play catch-up for the entire match.

The game went to Shooting Stars with a score of 56-37.

Dynamite U14 vs VanCity

VanCity moved fast to establish a lead and they managed to keep Dynamite from taking it for the whole match.

VanCity took the match 52-39.

Motion Express U14 vs Delta Force

It was a tight match between Motion Express and Delta Force but only one team could come out on top.

Motion Express made some bold plays in an attempt to get ahead, but Delta Force held on to their lead and won the match 57-51.

Abbotsford U18 vs MacHoops

MacHoops pulled ahead in the later part of the first half and Abbotsford couldn't keep up to them in the second half.

MacHoops won the match 65-56.

10:30am games

Team XV vs Northern Bounce U16 White

Team XV found their footing part way through the first half and their game took off from there.

Northern Bounce put up a tough fight, but Team XV took the match 54-37.

Downtown Ballers vs Black Cats

Downtown Ballers hit the ground running and, despite some strong opposition from the Black Cats, they kept the lead for the entire match.

The victory went to Downtown Ballers with a final score of 68-57.

Live2Give vs MacHoops U14

The lead went to Live2Give early in the match and they held onto it for the duration of the game.

MacHoops tried some bold strategies to catch up, but they didn't see any payoff.

Live2Give won the match 61-45.

Junior OC U16 vs The Squad

The lead went back and forth between Junior Oc and The Squad in the first half of the game.

The Squad started to falter in the later part of the second half which gave Oc the opportunity they needed to pull ahead and win the game 72-63.

Live2Give U18 vs Dynamite

It was a tight match between Live2Give and Dynamite but Dynamite executed more successful plays than their opponent.

A small early lead by Dynamite helped them secure the win with a final score of 67-59.

11:45am games

Burnaby Knights vd Westshore Dawgs U16

Westshore Dawgs put everything they had into their game against the Burnaby Knights.

The Dawgs hit hard and fast and put up over twice the amount of points that their opponents did.

The match went to the Dawgs with a final score of 56-25.

VSC Elite vs New Era U14 - U14 Elite Final

It was down to the wire game between VSC and New Era.

Both teams were seeing success with some big plays, but New Era managed to push past VSC in the last 3 seconds.

New Era took the U14 Elite championship with a final score of 65-63.

Motion Express U18 vs Sonics

Motion Express put the pressure on the Sonics right from the start and that quickly put them in the lead.

The Sonics put in a strong finish that closed a lot of ground, but they couldn't overtake Motion Express, who won the game 68-58.

Wolf Pack vs Northern Bounce U14

Northern Bounce hit hard against Wolf Pack and took the lead early in the game.

Wolf Pack started to catch up in the second half but they didn't have enough time to surpass Northern Bounce, who won the match 56-40.

Northern Bounce U14 vs Live2Give

Live2Give gave it their all in their match against Northern Bounce.

Northern Bounce made a strong push early in the game but they couldn't maintain their momentum.

The match went to Live2Give with a final score of 69-36.

Live2Give U16 vs Dynamite

The Dynamite lit up at the start of the match and quickly put themselves in the lead.

Live2Give started making stronger moves in the second half, but Dynamite was too far ahead.

The win went to Dynamite with a final score of 62-37.

1:30 game

Abbotsford vs Shooting Stars - U14 Final

It was back and forth at the start of the game, but Abbotsford began to slowly gain ground against Shooting Stars as they reached the end of the first half.

Shooting Stars were outpaced by Abbotsford in the second half.

The U14 Championship went to Abbotsford with a final score of 68-39.

3:00pm game

MacHoops vs Northern Bounce - U18 All-Star Final

MacHoops took home the championship in their final match against Northern Bounce.

"It's been a long tournament, but you know, they stuck with it," said MacHoops head coach Steward Siy.

Northern Bounce made a great hustle in the second half, but MacHoops outmaneuvered them and took the championship with a final score of 68-50.

4:30pm game

VanCity vs 604 Basketball - U18 Elite Final

Bballnationals ended with an intense match between VanCity and 604 in the finals.

The second half saw things going in VanCity's favour, but 604 made a comeback in the last few minutes and stole the lead.

The U18 Elite Championship went to 604 Basketball with a final score of 82-75.

By: Jake Cressy