Boys BBALL Nationals Day 3

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

8:00am games

MacHoops vs Junior OC U16

Junior OC came out ahead early in their game against MacHoops and they kept the pressure on throughout.

MacHoops managed some good plays, but OC won out 57-37.

Team Finish vs Dynamite U15 Red

Team Finish and Dynamite were evenly matched for the early parts of the game, but Team Finish had a stronger second half, where they really pushed ahead.

Team Finish won the match 65-32.

Dynamite U16 Red vs Excel U15/16

Dynamite and Excel traded the lead back and forth a few times throughout their match.

Excel managed to pull ahead in the later end of the second half and win the match 57-47.

604 Basketball vs VanCity Basketball U18

604 started the day off strong in their game against VanCity.

A strong offence and strategic plays earned 604 the win 71-43.

Team XV vs Motion Express

Motion Express took the lead early, but they had trouble keeping it from Team XV in the first half.

The second half saw Motion Express redouble their efforts and win the game 62-47

Shooting Stars Basketball Club Black vs Westshore Dawgs

Shooting Stars and Westshore Dawgs started off the day with a close match.

Shooting Stars managed to pull ahead in the later part of the first half and they kept that lead in the second half, winning the match 62-59.

9:15am games

Northern Bounce U17 Red vs F.O.R.M. Basketball Academy

Northern Bounce played their best against F.O.R.M and it showed.

F.O.R.M. couldn't manage to keep the ball away from Bounce, who dominated the court for most of the match,

Bounce took the win 64-21.

Team XV vs Burnaby Knights U15

Team XV pushed hard against the Burnaby Knight and earned themselves the lead early on.

The Knights couldn't manage to keep up, and XV won the match 66-29

Junior OC U17 vs ATO Atheltic

ATO and Junior OC had a hard fought match that could've gone either way.

ATO just barely won out in the end with a final score of 73-69.

Rock Elite vs BC Energy U16

It was a close match for Rock Elite and BC Energy, with neither team being able to maintain a meaningful lead until the very end of the game.

Rock Elite scored a few critical goals in the second half that earned them the win at 60-53.

Sonics vs Black Cats

The Sonics and Black Cats were both focused on a strong offence and it shows in the scores.

Both teams played aggressively, vying for every opportunity that arose, but the Sonics edged out the Black Cats in the ending and won the game 80-72.

Westshore Dawgs vs 604 Basketball Red

Westshore Dawgs and 604 were neck-and-neck for most of the game. 604 managed to get a big lead in the second half, but Westshore closed the gap significantly with some well-executed plays.

The game went to 604 with a final score of 66-62.

10:30am games

Abbotsford Basketball U18 vs Burnaby Knights

Abbotsford pushed hard from the second the timer started and got themselves an early lead over the Burnaby Knights.

Burnaby made some great plays to close the gap between the two but Abbotsford won the game 72-50.

Northern Bounce U16 White vs Shooting Stars Basketball Club Black

It was anybody's game in the match between Northern Bounce and Shooting Stars right until the last few minutes.

Shooting Stars made some bold plays that earned them the win 61-57.

VanCity Basketball U16 vs Dynamite U16 Black

It was a tight match between VanCity and Dynamite as neither team was willing to let the other gain too much ground.

Dynamite managed to turn things around in the last minute and come up from behind, winning them the game at 55-51.

Northern Bounce U16 Red vs Shooting Stars Basketball Club U16 Purple

Shooting Stars put some big nu bets on the board in their match against Northern Bounce.

The Stars showed off how skilled they are at shooting and took the match 90-64.

CSB U17 Black vs Rock Elite

Rock Elite started slow but gained traction quickly in their match against CSV.

Rock Elite built a strong lead over the entire match and won 58-42.

Team XV vs VanCity Basketball U18

Team VX pushed ahead early on in the game, but VanCity was hot on their heels throughout the match.

XV managed to keep it together and hold their lead, winning the match 71-65.

11:45am games

Shooting Stars Basketball Club vs Northern Bounce U17 White

Northern Bounce put the pressure on early in their match against the Shooting Stars.

Bounce secured an early lead and held it for the game, winning it 63-45

Live2Give U18 vs Motion Express

Motion Express cannot be stopped today! Live2Give put out a strong performance, trailing close behind their opponent and making some great plays, but it wasn't enough to stop Motion Express in its tracks.

The match went to Motion Express with a score of 71-58.

DC Wildcats vs Westshore Dawgs

Westshore Dawgs took the lead early on in the game and, like a dog with a bone, they weren't going to give it back.

DC Wildcats made some smart plays, but they didn't see enough success to overtake their opponent.

The Dawgs took the match 64-40.

Rock Elite vs Spotters Basketball

It was a down to the wire match between Rock Elite and the Spotters.

The two teams traded the lead back and forth for the first half with the Spotters managing to gain a small lead in the second half.

Spotters won 66-62.

Dynamite U17 vs ATO Athletic

ATO Athletics pushed ahead early in the match and Dynamite couldn't match their pace.